Minsk will commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression

At the initiative of the Public Committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression is the Year of the memory. October 29, 1937 held in Minsk Belarusian intelligentsia mass shooting. In the inner NKVD slammer overnight were killed about 100 people, 22 of them — writers. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the culmination of the Stalinist repressions in Belarus celebrates 29 organizing committee of each month location shootings. Now 15 hours representatives of the democratic public park CHelyuskincev first visit, and later Kurapaty.
Committee member of the public Siuchyk Pronunciation:
"It will be a classic for this commemoration event will be delivered if the candles, put flowers, songs sung in the park and in Kurapaty CHelyuskincev in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression."
On November 27, a day heroes Slutsk uprising in Kurapaty was installed temporary cross sluchchan memory. Siuchyk said that was supposed to install a stationary cross, but for technical reasons it does not drop off. Maybe it was installed in Kurapaty Forest now:
"Members of the armed uprising and Slutsky Belarusians who lived in this area, full faced with repression of the Bolsheviks. In the 20-30s, virtually all participants Slutsky uprising were repressed, and many inhabitants. There entire villages ssyalilisya. Very many of them perished in the Gulag. Many who died in perasyalenni.Tamu and crosses were set so Kurapaty an emblem of the GULAG. Bodies which destroyed our people, hitherto not peravazhana this information, where someone from our people was lost. It is also the action, which was held commemoration organizing committee. "
Member of the organizing committee Vladimir Romanovsky recalls how important to keep in mind about their own history:
"In this regard, shows us an example of Ukraine, at the municipal level where pochetayut Holodomor victims. Ukraine and in general is very much engaged in the study of repression. During our meeting, the representatives of Ukraine told us of the tremendous research 6 large institutions are engaged in research."
According to Romanovsky, in remembrance of the victims of Stalinist repression except there is still human and historical nuance:
"One of the action plans of people gathered around the idea of commemoration — search burial sites. Currently we sent letters Russia, Karelia, where he wasand destroyed a large column of men and among them 150 Belarusians. Historical memory is needed for the development of the future. All these years while Russian authorities the topic was excluded from the consciousness of people. "

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