Mogilev donors supported PACE

The letter accompanying the Secretary Assembly Geza Masaya expressed gratitude on behalf of the Secretary General of the Assembly for Matteo Sarynasa discussed in Belarus prepyadstviya donation.
Belarusian activists donor organizations received tips whereby a system of donation in the EU, as European standards donation and some other documents ..
Committee Chairman Igor Kovalenko said letter to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is very fundamental:
"In the EU countries with donors less problems than we have in Belarus, so there Government support of donors by different means. In Belarus the contrary — all the benefits and all the support was canceled. "
Mogilev donors addressed the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, following statements by Belarusian officials that the abolition of benefits to donors — Tipo requirement of the Council of Europe.
"As I implied, the EU does not put pressure on Belarusian officials, so they canceled the benefits," — said Igor Kovalenko.
All documents in the British language — after transfer donor-activists will distribute them in the municipal medical institutions.
Meanwhile Mogilev prepyadstviya donors remain. Donors are not going to donate blood.
Says chief doctor Mogilev blood transfusion station Boris Goldenberg:
"We currently defected to actively seek donors. Leave at districts, businesses and institutions. Departures on subsequent year plan to do more often. This schedule is coordinated with the executive committee and brought to the executive authorities — it will be a municipal job. "
Benefits from donors left, says Boris Goldenberg:
"On present day, if nothing is resolved, then the 16th, leaving only, I would have said, nominal benefits. Benefits for dentures canceled. While only a supplement to the pension remains. "
According to Boris Goldenberga, Mogilev Regional Executive Committee as yet to be no decision on free travel noble donors.
Municipal unions promise during collective bargaining to take into account the interests of the noble donors. They will pay an additional premium.
Also promises to give the noble donors of food and humanitarian duffel bags.
For a single blood donation donor receives about 70 thousand rubles, for the surrender plyazmy — about 120 thousand.
In June Mogilev donors performed preventive strike against repeal of benefits.
Radio Liberty
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