Mogilev in kindergarten appeared first Belarusian-group

5 months, local community activists Company Belarusian language and movement of the BPF "Rebirth" sought from the authorities of Belarusian opening group and found a family who would be willing to give there own children.
For this time activists managed to find a dozen such families. The group, but went only three children. Others did not meet the age.
Order on opening the only group in Mogilev Belarusian-signed by the head of the education department of Leninsky district Alexander Gapeev month back. Why only now the kids went to a private garden? Explains one of the parents Dmitry Solovyov:
"The decision to open the group was dated the first of November. But the district education department had spent no money on the dates of economic things to this group Open to all Sanitation center is adopted. "
In kindergarten already have Polish-group. There are walking 16 children. Once a year to visit them visited by salting Poland.
Head kindergarten Eleanor Kuleshov convinced that Belarusian-group will be more kids:
"I believe in this. We Belarusians. All the same hunt to not forget that we Belarusians. Unfold Polish, Jewish groups, but you must open in Belarusian primarily . "
Teacher Kuchura Olesya pleased that will work unusual for a group of Mogilev. That she first also, if left alone with the children?
"At first acquaintance, after an exciting game to arouse enthusiasm in children to discover, to the fact that they came in the latest group."
Father Alexei Kolenka Batyukova deliberately gave of his son in the Belarusian-group.
"WhiteRussian language — our home. I am sure that such a group will not own ancestors kids to be irresponsible and not interested in that. While the group ungraded have offspring will be less likely to get sick, for example. In the ungraded group will be more attention given to each child, "- said Alexey Batyukov.
Mogilev Belarusian-groups were set up in late 1993. After the May 1995 referendum this process braked. Not Mogilev and Belarusian schools.
According to the Department of Education Executive Committee, Belarusian-language schools in Mogilev 56 percent. But it’s more rural schools. Within large cities in the region have only Ossipovichi school, where all subjects are taught in Belarusian.
The festive opening of the Belarusian-language group. Olesya teacher Kuchura slit tape
While only three of us: on the front plan — Yalinka Solovyov and Mikolka Batyukov, in the far, the window — Paul Mokhov
Olesya Kuchura teacher with the head of kindergarten Eleanor Kuleshova
Darling group of Belarusian Mikolka Batyukov gives first interview to television channel "Mogilev-2"
In adpachyvalni until three beds, but plenty of space
• Mogilev Belarusian group appeared in kindergarten, 01.11.2007 • Mogilev Belarusian-no classes, 29.08.2007

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