Mogilev nearly killed by a psychiatric clinic

Group of German doctors, researchers Nazi atrocities applets "Euthanasia", Mogilev authorities offered to commemorate those killed patients at a local psychiatric clinic. According to the German archives, in September 1941 killed in the gas chamber 836 at the mental level of unhealthy people, and in October-November — still about two hundred.

The gas fed into the chamber through a door (currently the window) from the tailpipe of the truck. "Memorial character needed to come back dead on the mental level people unhealthy status of a person who has a name, and to memorialize them. Hitherto names of those killed are unknown, and our task — to find them. Installing the plaque on its own significance goes beyond the boundaries of your region ", — said the German psychiatrist.

One of the initiators of honoring the memory of the Mogilev psychiatric clinic patients Geryt Hoendorf.

The idea of a memorial symbol Mogilev authorities approved. It is planned that it will open the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the end of the second World War I. Finance: preparation, the German government is going to sign. Tags:, Mogilev

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