More young Japanese wear surgical masks to hide her face

Those who come to Japan for the first time are often surprised at how many people walk through the streets wearing surgical masks.

This phenomenon for several reasons. First, most masks are those who are ill and do not want to infect others. Further, many wearing masks to protect against foreign microbes. Some wear masks in order to protect themselves from cedar pollen every spring allergies are causing a lot of inconvenience.

Finally, there are those who wear masks because their appearance shy, want to hide a lack of, for example, a pimple, or even emotions.

In fact, over the past few years, the wearing of surgical masks for cosmetic purposes and to "comfort" so prevalent among young people, the media have already dubbed him "fashion trend"

In March 2011 «News Post Seven» polled 100 passers-by masked in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district, the poll found that about 30% of them wore a mask just like that, without being tied to allergies or colds.

In addition to these data, earlier this month in a special issue was aired on Japanese news reports «ZIP!», In which once again counted the number of passers-by in Tokyo wearing a mask. Compared to the previous survey, the number of wearing a mask increased 14 times.

«ZIP!» Also examined the reasons for wearing masks of those who are not ill and who do not have allergies. Below are the answers, starting with the most popular:

1. It helps to hide the face, when not applied make-up;
2. Helps to keep the person warm;
3. Visually makes a person less;
4. So comfortable;
5. It helps to avoid the feeling of dryness in the throat after sleeping.

According to the news site «Naver Matome», some women wear a mask, not only in those cases when they came out without make-up, but also as an accessory, making them more attractive.

"It gives the mystery, because only the eyes visible", — said one high school student. — "The Mask makes me a nice little!".

Some companies are trying to capitalize on the new fashion trends, take even, for example, «Picomask», since 2010, selling stylish and colorful surgical masks.

In addition, there is reason to believe that those who wear the mask allegedly for comfort, for it has much deeper causes than self-esteem.

"I do not want to show others what I actually", "As long as my face is hidden, nobody knows what I'm feeling really, that's a relief," "I do not like to have to demonstrate to others their emotions" — is only some of the reasons given by Japanese high school students do not take off the mask all year round.

According to Yuzo Kikumoto (Yuzo Kikumoto), author of the book «Date Mask Izonsho», which explains why young people begin to "hide" behind the masks, many are beginning to wear a mask, so as not to stand out from the crowd: "They are terribly afraid to show their peers, what they really are "

Others believe that the need to rely on a mask for a comfortable feel in the community is a by-product of the fact that young Japanese people becoming too dependent on social networks and e-mail address: they can not obschatsya other without a protective "wall", which helps to preserve some anonymity.

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