Moscow office system will be prescribed in Belarus

Already in the first quarter of 2009, the Moscow system organization has put in Minsk, the first houses.
During the meeting of the Council’s business cooperation between Moscow and Belarus first deputy manager of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Tsar Constantine said that Moscow builders have first hand over 2009 primarily residential complex with an area of 130 thousand square meters on Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Minsk.
Russian forces also commissioned trusts in the market area "Zhdanovichi" will be built residential building with underground parking. At the same time, Russian side intends to build an accelerated pace: project planning dwelling has to agree before the end of April 2008, construction work will begin at the end of next year, and will celebrate the housewarming tenants in the first half of 2009.
Without the help of other housing program from not overpower
Head of the Ministry of Housing Construction and Architecture Gorval Alexander says that casts oscillation professionalism Belarusian professionals do not have. Another thing is that, according to the government for the construction of housing program there every year to add to the previous 500 thousand square meters of housing. Yet, as special, and strength is not enough without the help of others to cope with that task is difficult. For this reason it was decided to bring Russia’s builders:
"These intergovernmental agreements have. Fact, that is not enough, we build capacity in order to build in a suitable volume. Today Tipo "a lot" for us is still not enough. But its own capacities for more lacking. You have heard that our President said? Construction volumes necessary to increment twice! And he’s right at the queue for housing, which is presently exists. In other words, silenak not enough, and power alone for yourself not grow rapidly. Because you can only increase the price verbovaniya outside organizations. Need to use abilities from other resources. "
In Minsk alone those who need to improve housing conditions or not at all have their own angle — about 150 thousand. By country such people over half a million. But, despite the positive statistics outside the construction, the relevance of the issue does not disappear. At government level the problem of queues in Belarus promised to eliminate by 2015. But with all this, the pace of construction should exceed 7.5 million square meters per year — in addition, as already explained Gorval sovereign, with half of the yearly increase.
"Moscow House" on the bones Storozhevka
Recently opened in Minsk will be "Moscow House" with a total area of more than 6 thousand square meters. Also work at the facility in Moscow builders. But architectural historian Sergei Hareuski states that 4-storey metropolitan center with underground parking contradicts the entire context of historic buildings in the city center:
"Together with the implementation of residential and office complex on the street Starovilensky (this is the second half of the Trinity suburb), perpendicular to the high-rise building where the shop of" Panorama ", and after the construction of" Moscow House "on 3 acres Storozhevsky cemetery with the demolition of buildings 1940 — 1950s, in fact, not so much — there were two old houses — not left. Indeed, in any case, it will be something completely new, or what is not connected mentally, spiritually, with past eras. Full implementation of these projects is scheduled for 2010 and almost three years we will see a very different city, alien to our mentality, our history. And, certainly, it would be a huge blow to our identity. "
Minsk designer Vladimir Popruga whose project of restoration of historical part of Minsk studied as another, convinced that almost everyone in any business is dependent on the officials. They decide which of the investors run even legally protected historical and cultural area and who provide strategic platforms:
"It’s not even kamertsyyalizatsyya, it’s just ordinary farce. This impromptu. Other words, there is no strategy, no strategy, completely casual investors who do this do not fully understand and that just went into a huddle with Mingorispolkom. And it all started Incidentally, since Yarmoshina. Grapes Committee officials were involved in the architecture this process. It just passed the baton to a sinful and today. And there is neither the will nor the power nor the inclination nor the Committee actually architecture nor Minsk City Executive Committee of any municipal control, who oversaw this issue for many years, nor the prosecutor’s office, which is just in its constitutional duty to look at this question because it deserves it. "
Barring force majeure, in droves Moscow spices on the Belarusian regime sites will have less than a year.

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