Mosty activist explained to police how long he knows Milinkevich

Captain Danilchik more than six hours Ales Zarembyuk questioned about how the meeting was held with residents Milinkevich Bridges: what was discussed, who organized it, and that ads posted on the doors of houses, also did not work there during this meeting violations of the law.
One question concerned whether Zarembyuk long familiar with Milinkevich.
The policeman warned Zarembyuk that, maybe it’s not their last meeting in connection with the arrival in Bridges Milinkevich.

On November 4, Bridges to the request of the town dwellers came Alexander Milinkevich. Meeting taken place in the courts of the 1st of neighborhoods. Intriguing questions people cancellation of privileges, also the dominance of state propaganda in the media. Alexander Milinkevich November 4 was arrested Mostovskogo police department staff and gave an explanation.

• Bridges: Activist summoned to the police, 03.12.2007

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