Musicians from the black list will appear on the municipal TV channels

The audience in the network responds to these announcements in many different ways: on the approval, "Wow!" Before skeptical remarks: "Well acquire musicians with an unusual scale."
"Three years There was nothing, and suddenly — again, immediately take. Surely, something has moved "
Views on favorite group "Palace" Oleg Khomenko, it seems that the brain promises ideologue Belarus Oleg Proleskovsky implemented
"Three years There was nothing, and suddenly — again, immediately take. Concerts take place anywhere, applications are accepted. Surely, something moved. "
Group "Palace" among other vneglasnoe fell under the ban on concerts in the summer 2004. Authorities then caused discontent role of musicians in a concert at a rally against the government Alexander Lukashenko.
And in late November Oleg Khomenko, coupled with musicians Levon Wolski, Igor Varashkevichem, Pete Alexander Pavlov and Kullinkovich were at a meeting in Presidential Administration. Chief Directorate of the ideological head Oleg Proleskovsky promised to lift the ban, but with his own hand not asked musicians to play on opposition rallies.
"Not with what authority I will not negotiate about whether I could act or not"
One of the sharpest critics of the negotiations between musicians and illegal power delivered Nikolai Khalezin manager "Free Theatre". This theater in Belarus pursue: he has toured extensively in Europe and at home, and occasionally plays in clandestine criteria. According to Nikolai Khalezin authorities specifically split musicians:
"It is a disease. Or musicians selected for themselves the fate of collaborators. If someone would call me and say: "perform" — Come rent area. But with any power I will not negotiate about whether I could act or not. After all, it my choice, and the government had nothing to do. "
"If invited, if you do not fear"
For comment on the current situation referring to a favorite group "Krama" Igor Varashkevich:
"We have already invited: December 16, at the Palais des Sports there would be some Christmas sending … Or something like that. I just do not know. But when invited there, is no longer afraid. I basically do this in general does not think, it will be normal — is normal, will not — because it would be. In my life so far, nothing has changed. "
• Music and Proleskovsky: Problems Belarusian Faust, 01.12.2007

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