Nadia Starovojtova: I believe in the creativity

Not so long ago, going over old poems, I came across one of his student’s interesting, what — surprisingly — already wrote what I believe: I believe the words of Ignatius Abdiralovich. I remind them: "Human soul that came into the world to reflect actual satisfaction games braid drink their warmth and affection, should expand the power of their own creativity to merge in a creative pace breathing world, a world of harmony, whose presence is felt star pitagareytsav soul, that later in zhytstsyavym fatigue vznov bow to the bosom of the majestic Mother Matter Mother ambiguities Mother Nepachatastsi, full of strength and courage, full of sorrow, nerazhonaga life … Now life is full of misery, because we can not be the Creator … the true foundation of life can only be creative. Creativity at every step in their everyday work, family relations, the public movement ". Surprising, because I believe those words to this day.
And I began to create their own, to create because adept. Poems — they somehow moved themselves into oblivion, even for student days: I do not hunt them to write, I did not pull. But prose — pulled, zyaglila as Magnus. Work on rhythmic phrases, verbal scale chords zastsenvats something elusive, invisible, transparent, ghostly network intuitive unconscious … This is a real treat!
And now, not zapamyatyvaya words of the philosopher, I know: I believe in my work. And if I believe in it, and my reader has to believe …
Here just in These days are completes a multi-year work on the novel. Do not be scared: This is not another "apupeya" and just a short novel agape. Although he stay in bed Actually a lot — there was a time when I had not touched for years to him as my lyrical hero to his own love. And I was glad when I heard from Boris Petrovich, my sincere editor following words: "I read and believe in what you have written."
As God vpadabaetstsa my short novel linguistically title "without spelling rules," an accurate reflection of my soul, will be released first next year. While one end of the quote, because I believe in what I write:
"Never-ending day of the clouds looked sickly sun. It desperately shouted to hrypki ears about his thirst for affection, which the greedy villain, swaddled in heaven. They want to throw the sun only for myself, somewhere far away, somewhere in the seventh heaven — there where no breaks nyazemnae Fortunately, where the hell begins and gloom. And the earth did not know whether the sun shine only promised her to break through her resentment and vgrets-placate her with his warm silk … But asmuzhanae sky, which is also angry on the clouds of heaven already weaving their krasentsy, pulling them to the ground silvery ringing pautinchatye. Under the sunshine it was zadryzhets magical meledyyay tankastrunnyh Spade, who once played a waltz heavenly beauty of the land … Earth secretly expected tenderness color that will restore sunlight dewy strings. Rose and crystal waves to lull own tenderness. Risen, contrary to all rules of spelling fierce. Risen, on another — makes no sense, there is no life. "
Nadia Starovojtova — Belarusian language teacher, associate professor of the Institute of Economic and writer. Lives in Minsk.

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