Natalia Narochnitskaya: Why did not like us. Interview magazine «Story», August 2013

On the opposing empires, imperial consciousness of why Europe and America are still trying to do something with us, we will talk with President of the Historical Perspective Foundation, Doctor of Historical Sciences Natalya A. Narochnitskaya


— Natalia! One time we had accepted that the world does not love us for the Soviet past. Given that no one, anywhere, ever, and in the past decade has not called us, "soviet", it is called Russian. "Russian are coming!". That is, the cause of enmity was provided — the national one. But Russia has never been a country-invader, the aggressor country. Always it was a great calm continental empire, unlike the really aggressive and colonial island of England, which, living on their tiny island, captured half the world, and as proudly identified its intention Empire Kipling: "The rope we Naquin (vzyat!) around the entire planet ( with a loop of the world to overwhelm) around the entire planet (with knots world to tighten)! "reading Kipling, suddenly discover that one of the main enemies of Britain has always been Russian, and not one of Britain:" The Japanese, the British seized from afar Bear akimbo, many of them, but others brazenly — thieves Yankees hand. " That is, even then, at the end of the XIThe tenth century, energy and intention of England to nibble Russian Bear, took over the American states.

— Subject old! Think only of the monarchy, court historians and singers western empires did not like Russia? Russophobia champions were the classics of Marxism, Marx and Engels! In the USSR, where there was even a whole institution of Marx, Engels and Lenin in the Central Committee of the CPSU, where the "Talmudic" dismantled their every word, never was published the complete works of our ideological teachers! It was only just a multi-volume "Collected Works." Yes, because some of the projects contain such contempt and hatred of Russia! Marx and Engels considered it the main obstacle to the implementation of their plans. Neglect of the Slavs, the fear of their association openly manifested always Engels, which greatly worried about the fate of German «Großraum» if released Slavs. In "Revolution and Counter-revolution in Germany" (1852), Engels paints a terrible picture — is "civilized nations" threatens the possibility of uniting all Slavs, who can dare to "push back or destroy the uninvited guests … Turks, Hungarians, and especially hated the Germans." Engels belongs to the myth of the notorious "Pan-Slavism," which he worked scare:

"It's absurd, anti-historical movement, has set a goal neither more nor less than to subjugate the civilized West barbaric East city — village, trade, industry, spiritual culture — primitive agriculture Slavic fortress", & more classic hysteria: "For this ridiculous theory was a terrible reality in the face of the Russian Empire … in each step of which a claim is found to consider the whole of Europe as the heritage of the Slavic tribe "… And the thinking and policies of the Nicholas I, firmly abide by the principle of legitimacy and the Vienna system in 1815, especially as his chancellor KV . Nesselrode, most cherish mutual understanding with the Austrian minister Prince Metternich, were so far from these professed goals! Russia not only had no relation to the Slavic Congress in Prague, but on the contrary was extremely concerned that this impression may occur in Vienna, and the only Russian at this congress was Mikhail Bakunin, then caught the fortress …

In one of the volumes printed with us, Engels, Bakunin arguing with just cuts in response to the call of Bakunin's "reach out to all the nations of Europe, even the former oppressors" — stop! After all Slavs — is counter-revolutionary nation, Slavs — "worthless garbage of history, they are only due to the yoke of alien force had been strung up on the very first stage of civilization." So do not be surprised russophobia the Western press, the problem is that was born a long time ago. And the court historians and Marxists alike did not like Russia, are afraid of it, and it can be easily seen by reading the works of scientists of the nineteenth century, and not just scientists — here you are, the British poet Lord Tennyson, the idol of the British showrooms during the Crimean War, the aristocrat, hated Russia fierce hatred … By the way, it is found that the main source of Marx's judgment of Russia had become the captain of the British ship, the siege of Sevastopol! What else can be gleaned from articles enemy in time of war!

— But after all foreign travelers in the XIThe tenth century the world reported about what a terrible Russian …

— Just one Italian historian has written a book, understand it well-known work of the Marquis de Custine his journey through Russia of Nicholas I. He proved that the whole concept of the book and all the rejection of Russia in it were laid out in the minds of the Marquis before the trip, because nothing really of what he saw could not confirm the writing. So, he even vitiystvuet of severe frosts, which allegedly are able to live only barbarians, but his trip was in the summer. Clearly, Custine had originally considered Russia as an enemy stronghold false faith. And strong imperial power and the orders of deliberately rejected because goals are torn away! Not like in Catholic Spain, where the Inquisition burned heretics alive "There Kjustin speaks of" holy jail! " How not to see it for eternal jealousy of Catholicism to Byzantium and then to the Russian Orthodox faith, which is much to the dismay latinyanina acquired in the face of Russia is so powerful and tangible forms of government that does not budge. That Marx complains that it is impossible to push Russia to the time Stolbovo: "Europe, barely knew about the existence of Muscovy, squeezed between the Tatars and the Lithuanians, suddenly surprised to find on its eastern borders a vast empire that stretched from the Bug River to the Pacific Ocean."

But Pushkin, unusually not lost anything Russian, skipping over all the European, notes with sadness philosophical: "The Mongols were afraid to go further to the west, leaving behind Russia and fell back lifeless on the steppes of its East. Nascent Enlightenment was rescued a dying Russia. But Europe against Russia has always been as ignorant as ungrateful. " Attitude to Russia has always been nervously.

— What do they have that? …

— Europe always confused by our "special to be." And we have too much value to ignore us, but by itself does not alter obtained from them! And the mere presence of us, as an independent phenomenon stories choosing your path, even if we have them do not climb on the rampage, one of our presence in the world — do not allow anyone to rule the world from a single point. We survived the 90's, and all — fell through the idea of a "unipolar world"! These are the laws of large quantities — around a large magnitude as around the giant planet always zone of attraction, and it's a different world, an alternative choice. So, please, just put forward the idea of a more Eurasian space — how it began to fuss! — The choice is already an alternative. What a number of races, religions and ways of living! By the way, Russia itself — is a smaller model of the world. As he wrote Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevskii, before the Baptism of Russia in the squad was a prince of Kiev International, which featured Russian state from Europe, which was towards the creation of mono-ethnic societies and monokonfessionalnyh. Russia also has accumulated over the centuries a unique experience of co-existence and cooperation among the peoples — each one could pray to their gods, but to the whole membership was too expensive value.

Rousseau's social contract, which is believed to underlie the Western democracies, in fact, implies a state body of citizens united by a simple stamp in the passport, as if entering into a contract with him. For the Russian consciousness is, according to the teachings of Filaret of Moscow, the State, in an ideal — a society of "family-type" when the nation is one big family, and the government has a moral responsibility to think not only about the rational and correct, but the righteous and proper as the true father of the Bible.

And yet, and our tendency not to take anyone's teachings. Even when we borrow something from someone, we immediately recycle beyond recognition, give birth to something different. It's us, by the way, and with Marxism did … Of course, he podizurodoval Russia, but Russia itself has done with Marxism! Lenin and Trotsky would have turned over in his grave if he saw that patriotism which remained in the country after 70 years of Soviet rule. They argued: the proletariat has no fatherland …

Europe would like, that Russia had no historic initiative. So it's not that disappeared, but served their historical project. And economically, and intellectually. That she listened to the voice of the so-called "civilized world community" — that is right that wrong! European and American "arbiters of peace" have appropriated to themselves the right to prescribe standards of conduct, not only internally, but also externally, check yourself, do make judgments and punish themselves. A couple of the Supreme Judge. 0No who appointed them? What's the pride? Think of your sins, rather than in someone else's eye look knots. And in 90 years, our reckless elite, drunk with the "new thinking", just in complete ideological dope gave our centuries-old gained as gifts, and the world followed quite "old" tried and tested way of thinking and willingly took possession of everything.

— So far, I can not forgive Shevardnadze, who for so just to "straighten border," took America and marked off huge territory — all our fish areas in the Pacific. Americans thought he would require in return for Alaska, and he — yes take away, our country is rich, not only of the order of …

— Yes, and all reciprocal obligations on the balance of conventional armaments in Europe, adopted shortly before the restructuring, were one-sided: we have done all that! And that side and did not move. As part of the weapons anyway … So it Russia as an independent player in the history of the world — is not necessary.

— We always try to win one way or another. But here's Bismarck, who felt quite confident in Europe (tell us the question: "What would you do if the British army landed in Germany?" Replied, "I will send a police officer, that he had arrested her!") — Not advise anyone to meddle in Russia. But — Napoleon? Had he lived the happiest emperor throughout Europe, the Mediterranean region and would not have happened any Waterloo … Why did he put it in Russian?

— Indeed, there is no rational explanation. Not only he was half of the Mediterranean and Europe! Our great Russian political geographer Benjamin Semenov Tian Shan, wrote that the Mediterranean Sea belongs to the seas around which throughout human history, wars were fought because of the then Lord of the world could be, but taking control of all of its coastline. An example of the war between ancient Rome and Carthage, and his great military leader Hannibal. Only after Rome took possession of North Africa, he became the Great Roman Empire. And Napoleon, it would be possible, if it is not useful to Russia at the instigation of his long-time rival of England. Napoleon decided to become the Lord of the world is not possible unless there is a huge Russian. And any economic benefits in the current view, the march on Moscow was not. About the oil was not known. We are separated by thousands of kilometers of space without transport, obessmyslivaet import of any goods, the climate for relocation French disgusting for them unattractive. And France was not crowded and had a lot of colonies. No, that's thirst for world domination, jealousy livelihood of a vast empire, pushed him to the adventure!

But England always intrigued to remain on the sidelines until the last, until her continental rivals destroy or weaken each other. And on. World War I had a clear view based on the documents that Britain Entente specially hardly took any obligation which would have forced her to immediately enter the war on the side of Russia. She was interested in the greatest possible exhaustion of the two continental giants, because the principle of British policy was always hinder the attainment of the priority weight of any European country — hence the thesis: "We have no permanent allies, we have permanent interests."

For several centuries, it has opposed the French, who was her chief rival, and only began to emerge when Bismarck's German Empire and appeared median, Central Europe, Russian ambassador suddenly Morengeym reported from Paris, in the case of a possible war Britain would support France. It did not at first believe …

Britain has always been and remains our eternal geopolitical rival, who is very alert to the fact that someone has not acquired much influence in the world, she always fought not for the belly, but for the interests. And America has inherited it. And Russia is almost always fought for the stomach. And yet before the First World War, if you read the press for 20 years before her, one would think that coming violent conflict between Russia and England, and not with the Kaiser's Germany! For the fantasies of British geopolitics Russia, Central Asia after its already prepared directly Cossack cavalry to cross the Pamirs and encroach on Indian possessions! By the way later, and sponsored by the British Basmachi movement that will encourage Turkey to Persia against Russia for centuries, has always excited the entire southern underbelly of Russia.

In the first quarter of the 19th century XIX century, the great diplomat Alexander Griboyedov made very profitable for Russia Turkmanchay treaty with Persia, after which the Russian influence in Persia became immeasurably higher. To obtain consent for any of the crown princes take the throne of Persia, the vizier was sitting in the waiting room of the Russian ambassador for two hours, waiting until his will. But the first quarter of the XIX century — it's a solid Russian-Persian war. And in the treaties of England with Persia always had a point: Iran pledges to continue the war with Russia. Griboyedov fanatics tore the Persians, and the judgment of historians in the local rebellion traced the British track, and the documents of this period in Britain is still closed, despite repeated lapse of time.

Britain stood by the way Russia mastered the Lena Bay, Siberia, tundra. But as soon as she came to the Russian Black Sea and the Caucasus, the region became the object of close attention to the British. None of the agreements between Russia and some Black Sea or Mediterranean power is not complete without that England did not intervene and did not require her to be in a contract by a third party. For example, in 1833, a contract was concluded with Turkey, which was considered our greatest diplomatic success for the whole XIX century, when the war without agreement on the mutual regulation of the Black Sea straits. France and England are in thousands of miles away, did not recognize the treaty. Has begun to move to the Crimean war, in which Russia tried to deny its status as a Black Sea power. As a result of our defeat Russia was forbidden to have a fleet in the Black Sea, Russia was obliged to tear down all the embankments.

My late mother wrote the book "Russia and the abolition of the neutralization of the Black Sea" against Gorchakov, the brilliant Russian Chancellor, who set out to withdraw from Russia, these painful limitations! And without a shot being fired after 14 years, he has published in European capitals, his famous circular: Russia no longer considers itself bound by the treaty, and Europe is swallowed! This was the result of fine diplomacy. France is very hostile toward this goal applies to Russia refused to support the negotiations, but Gorchakov was able to negotiate with Prussia, which at the time sought to unify Germany under its auspices. That Prussia for a favorable attitude towards Russia in this process instead promised to support Russia's refusal to indentured obligations after the Crimean War. Gorchakov, in those days, even the Emperor has set an ultimatum: if he does not give for a week or even a few days to send this circular, he would resign. "I know the price of gratitude in world politics!" He wrote — the time will pass, it may be too late.

— That is, we are not allowed to world seas?

— Of course, because this is what gives the government a whole new big role! If now on the map indicate power boom Western pressure on Russia, we can see that these are the same lines that Russia in its expanded until it became a great power. This Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific Ocean. Imagine if we get away from there, where we are? In the north-east of Eurasia. What is it? — Tundra. Where thousands of kilometers between the cities, where the winter and permafrost, the distance obessmyslivaet any production, reduces all market conditions: padded jacket, padded jacket, and so on. This makes our economy less profitable, and certainly its unprofitable on a global level. And we're in the 90s opened our world economy. And now it is impossible to close it.

So, Britain has always preferred tactic to maneuver, to stay on the sidelines and intervene when it has been going on for shaposhnomu discrimination. America just kept repeating it. In the First World War at the Woodrow Wilson was a mysterious adviser — Colonel House, who in 1916 set up an informal group of experts to develop a model for the future of the world and the U.S. role in it. House — architect of all of American politics. Curiously, Colonel House, once thundered our revolution, immediately advised of combining and ambitious Wilson congratulate the Bolshevik revolution with! Of course! The Empire was collapsing!

— Explain then why Empire entered the war could not stop the emperors, all of which were still tied and family ties. After Nikolai II, English George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II were cousins played together as children, the photographs show that they have changed, even in jest uniforms. What prevented them to agree to a relative?

— This is a common mistake — to think so. Dynastic ties have never been the basis of interstate relations. They have never been a means of rapprochement, no obstacle in politics. According to the laws of succession to maintain a certain educational tradition, marriage is permitted only between members of royal families. Almost all the royal house, if it is judged by blood, are not representatives of their nations, and it's not just us! Please husband of Queen Britain's Prince Philip — Greek prince, brought up in the Orthodox faith, by the way, sympathetic to us, to my knowledge. Greek Princess and the current Queen Sofia of Spain. Chancellor Wilhelm hated Slavs, in his memoirs, he wrote: "I know this is not a Christian, but I can not help it, I hate them" … And this is — "my dear cousin Willy" (in correspondence with the Nikolai) … So do not be surprised. And the tradition of the royal marriage, prince or princess, once in power in a foreign country were to do everything to meet its culture and interests. Foreign origin is not completely prevented the alien princess gets, being in Russia, the most sincere believers and Russian. Here, for example, the mother of Nicholas II, the Danish Princess Dagmar, "Dagmar smart" it was called. At first she was engaged to another Grand Duke, and after his death passed as inherited by Alexander III, and what she was Russian! By the way Andersen, a great storyteller, so touchingly describes her as wires and met her in St. Petersburg, when the ship was sailing to the bride for the Emperor of the great Russian empire. As the thunder of cannon Petersburg met with Princess ship. As she descended the stairs, a small, frail. Especially next to Alexander III, who was a huge man, he once held in his arms struck the roof of the car as long as the latter is not pulled mechanics., And blew himself this very health. Here she became a Russian! In her correspondence with her husband, then her son, Nicholas II, so it feels! After the revolution, she was living out his days with his cousin in Copenhagen, where he was buried, but a few years ago, her remains were moved to Russia, because it is so willed. Disclose that when the end of the First World War, there was a parade in London to celebrate the victory over the Kaiser's Germany, but Russia was not invited, she burst into tears when all of the injured feelings.

— Yes. Alexandra, wife of Nicholas II, in the first days of the war wrote to her husband: "Along with the fact that I experience with you and our dear motherland and the people — I am sick at heart for my "little, old country" for its troops … and for the many friends who are suffering distress there. But how many are now going through the same thing! And then as shameful and humiliating thought that the Germans behave this way. "

— These are the laws of monarchical life. Kings — do not become agents of influence of his previous family.

— Do you agree with the academician Pivovarov that XIXcentury — was the golden age of Russian?

— Here, even though I was with him in many other fiercely debated, I think I agree with Pivovarova wonderful polemicist, bright intellectual — that is rare in the modern Westernism, which is generally very degraded. We have, you know, today is a primitive idea of Westernism and Slavophilism! After all, in fact they were not as opposites, as the current dense Westerners and Slavophiles current dense. Slavophiles — Aksakov Kireyevsky were among the most educated people by European standards, I have Homjakova letter to the editor of French magazine in French, where he analyzes the Apostle Paul's translation into German, made by one pastor, biblical scholar, hamsters wrote: "How could he use this term? If this is the case in Aramaic, an ancient Greek — so, in Latin, it was like this, we immediately see that there are two meanings, and he had to use not this one, and another! You can imagine that some Chubais was capable of such? … Does he know that the prologue to Faust — it is actually a retelling of the art form in the Book of Job suffering? — No, of course. Slavophiles and Westerners were two wealthy Russian sides of consciousness, and here are two excerpts. Kireyevsky, who is considered the founder of the Slavophile philosophy, writes: "How would any of us wanted or eliminate any or all of the western conservation or vice versa — to eliminate or save the entire Russian — will be neither one nor the other. Inevitably, it is necessary to accept that there will be something third, which follows from these two principles. " Cavelin Konstantin, a prominent Russian historian, recognized as a Westerner, said: "Every thinking and honest man can not feel half Slavophile, half Westerner. But neither the one nor the other is not allowed and could not solve the problems of Russian life. " Almost — the same thing! Do you understand? And do not come up with an impassable chasm separating allegedly from pre-Petrine Russia after Peter. In fact, the St. Petersburg period grew out of Moscow, and even at Princess Sophia Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy. Russia expanded skyrocketing even before Peter had a huge international relations. Concerts were already at the court. That is, Peter is accelerated certainly revolutionary jerk. But, you know, the great ship better to slow. He turns around slowly, otherwise egoo can be overturned if we try to customize it … Germany before the Reformation, Protestantism before, as described in "Faust" (Margaret), differed from Germany after the Reformation, much more, but is not there in the mind of such an impassable chasm. And for some reason we do it … Do not do that. We have everything we clearly all the sharp Gallic sense and gloomy German genius like Block said! All of us present. Indeed, we — the model of the world. We have all European and all his own. And we constantly recycle constantly reproduce and west, and the. And we like that. Do not have high self-esteem, we have plenty of sins, but not necessary, and an inferiority complex. It should be comfortable and confident to continue to be Russian.

— As a person subject to the current indoctrination becomes Slavophil? How are Westerners, of course. Simple — no uverneshsya

— You know, I worked in America for almost eight years. And unlike Yeltsin, who said somewhere that circled around the Statue of Liberty, he is profoundly changed, I went there with a typical Soviet intelligentsia very much sympathy for the West, with a desire to learn a lot of things, there was a slavyanofilkoy, on the contrary a Russian is burning, that it is impossible to pass! Of course, America is impressive for its organized life and well-being, but more — nothing. I was struck by the press and TV. This is where there is only external difference of opinion! Press all the same tune repeating the same cliches. 100 television channels broadcast around the clock by promoting the same ideas: the pile and beat and beat and pile on, all the same, no alternative views.

We now fashionable to be indignant: we do not have freedom because we have no influence on decision-making. So I assure you, both in Europe and in America no influence on the decisions of the liberal elite in power — people do not have. Otherwise, they would not ignore the unprecedented demonstrations against changes to the pension legislation, and of course, they would not be able to pretend that nothing is happening, when in Paris, and it is five times lower than in Moscow, took to the streets two million against the law on homosexual marriages. And no you referendum! Here it is — the new totalitarianism. And moronization is, of course, through the media. First of all — through television. The main policy instrument — the manipulation of public consciousness. I therefore call on all today: think for yourself and read more. Less use the Internet with shell comments. Learn to distinguish themselves: the fact from opinion on the fact. Good or bad weather: it is the view of the fact, and the rain outside the window — it's a fact.

— It is very likely that today people do not run morals, no ethics, no moral values, and so-called market economy. Where a completely different motives and other calculations. Well, perish the nation, so be it, this poor nation, it interferes with the market, will raise another that beyond the market and will not turn heads.


— You are absolutely right. The state, as a business project. Market — all while the people … This is the people we have some not so — do re-educating! Because the man is — homo economicus is a cog in the economic system. That's about the people in the economic calculations theorists write "human resources." What is this? Who? Or this: "human capital." Do you know why in the XIX century, did not use such terms? Because it is — not Christian. For man, the latest, most sinful, the one lying in the gutter, he — a man! He — a creature of God, and the more valuable it is higher than any made by man-made things.

And the state should not be a business project, where all that is unprofitable — is cut off! Now listen to another young man, and, like, say simple things: seventy two — there are three fifty — here, there is twenty seven, listen, and do not want to live. And to what does not encourage. The state should not only think about what is rational and correct, but about what should and righteously. But to be righteous expensive. Alas. You lose something, or, as they say, do not get to come.

— It turns out that today's all-out political correctness is beneficial to someone?

-Advantageously, of course, isolated from the soil of the national elite, which itself plays, she hates all national, as an obstacle to the peace movement to one-dimensional model. The man, according to her ideas — a citizen of the world, and not a citizen of the Fatherland.

Right now, when we passed a law prohibiting propaganda of homosexual deviations among adolescents, in our institute in Paris left European conservative organizations that have formed in the wake of mass protests against the French gay marriage and asked for a round table, because for them, Russia is now becoming a mainstay, defender of Christian and moral values! Although I am not happy with all that we have going on, but it is impossible not to see that our democracy does not allow the minority to dishonor and stomp their feet that is dear to the majority. I believe this is genuine democracy.

Recently, in our society, has been developed as the consumer society, more people think about how to not just live life, to satisfy their material needs, but somehow justify it to myself, to see the sense in it, something leave behind. And this longing — to neporaboscheniyu reality and frees it from being enslaved by faith, do not like that the elite in Europe, which runs its own nations, who believe they live in a free world, but it is completely enslaved. Yes, they are completely free to choose their sexual orientation, but is only in this freedom?

— Novodvorskaja believes that the huge Russian must die to remain on a small plot of land, the size of the Ryazan region, but what do we do with our mentality, for which we also accuses the West. The main motive of this mentality — our imperial thinking. From which we still can not get rid of.

— And Russia and unthinkable outside of imperial thinking. It can only be an empire. Big policy, most national idea, or we simply will not be able to realize its national interests, we will not understand why we need the navigable rivers and ice-free ports that were important and XVII century monarchs and oligarchs XXI. In our latitudes, it is impossible to build a consumer civilization. The West will not give us any way to survive a Russian like Novodvorskaia. He will swallow us. Such Russia — is not pleasing to God. Russia can only exist as a large value. A large amount of policies and require a lot of great ideas, great philosophy, a great national idea. Here there is a large state, the same as in Canada, with no idea. The country is big, rich, but it is — and no one will ask her opinion on any matter!. Poland, it would seem, that is — compared to Canada, and what is a big state! How much is it in Europe raises his voice, whether we like it or not! This is a nation that keeps its national spirit, remembers his glorious pages when they conquered the other, and not when they are torn apart! That's about even a matter of respect …

The fact that Eastern Europe, Central — is the fate of small nations — at the crossroads of competing geopolitical systems. They are doomed not to have their own behavior, they were either drawn into one system or the other. And when the Soviet Union was blown Brzezinski, who is always in the language of that in mind, he said, is not the Soviet Union fell, it finally fell hated Russian Empire. And so it began competing for Russian heritage all the way around, tug of small nations in other geo-political configuration. Look at the geography of the color revolutions in the post-Soviet space — all around our borders! And now trying to tear us from regions that are hundreds of years to cater for us, obviously!

— What, in your opinion, the most successful political structure of the state? Monarchy, republic? …

— Another 22 centuries ago, Aristotle and Polybius, the Greek thinker introduced two terms: the monarchy, democracy, and described all the distortions are possible under each of these systems. The monarchy may degenerate into despotism, democracy — in ochlocracy, the power of the crowd, but in fact behind her reigns oligarchy, which is what we see now. I have great respect for the Russian autocracy, and always for the fact that we, in our historical consciousness raised it high. Right now remember about the Romanovs, it is in them Russia became Russian, expanded from the Bug to the Pacific Ocean, has become a great power, but — I am not a practical political monarchist, although we are there. It seems to me, do not be naive. At the time, commentators still monarchical ideas, Russian philosophers pointed out that the main reason for the Orthodox and the condition of the monarchy, and monarchy should be the unity of the Christian ideal of the monarch and the people. We do not have this unity, democracy, and that's when it becomes necessary mechanism when the society is no single religious-philosophical ideal, it allows you to coexist different pictures of the world, different worldviews. If it does not turn into totalitarianism the liberal idea, as it is now in Western Europe. We have to take care of is that the democracy we have allowed us to exist, conservatives, liberals, and that the Christian can express the Christian judgment, and not be written in the metric as a parent number 1 or number 2 in favor of sodomites

— We need a national idea …

— Russian idea, about which so much has been written and for which so many fought, never was the program of the items intended for proclamations. It is a unique combination of our identity, of our commitment to its historic dignity and the search of the ideal ways of Holy Russia. I believe that we should be proud of is the fact that in our northern latitudes, where no one ever did not build, we built large cities, industry, a feat really. And we should be proud of what used to live, starting from pre-Christian times, with members of other races, nations and religions are able to live side by side with them and respect the otherness of others. No one is imposing his own. This is the "Holy Russia" as an ideal to which man humbly tills the soil, where it was given to him by God, let there and yields are low. This ability to tolerate Gentile with you, though, and stick to their faith, because if the Lord allows us to look for different ways of God, what are we going less merciful than he is, is not it? Maybe he just checks: we are worthy of such trust or not. What's not to prick each other the eye, which in many ways we praise God. That's all just give people the opportunity and Russian forces unite and draw into its orbit hundreds of people. Do not resist the empire on force, if it were not for the idea.

And of course, the core and the constituent peoples has been and should remain Russian people. Do not forbid us to call themselves Russian! More Kutuzov said, "Be proud of the name of Russian for this name is and will be the banner of victory! The biggest mistake, which stems — of false internationalism understood that if the state a lot of different nations — there should be no national idea should be — a faceless, nationless. But what would Tatar, Chuvash Kalmyk would want to start some sort of "universal state — shaytanovo education, where no faith, no nation? They knew that joined the Russian Orthodox kingdom, and no one has questioned the role of the Russian people. So what? Do we have a lot of conflict between nations? No! Together and beat Napoleon and Hitler! Our experience is worth studying. Russian people will survive, will retain his role, then flourish in our country and all the other peoples who deliberately tied their fate with us and keeps us faithful.

A striking case study I read it on the question: "What crime can not be justified under any circumstances," our people, a nation — a poor and seduces a paradise subjected to double sterilization — Marxism and liberalism, suddenly replied almost in unison: "treason"! Even sociologists were left wondering: because in civilized Europe has long been the birthplace of "where taxes are lower."

Fatherland — is a gift of God, handed us a continuous national historical doing with its inevitable ups and downs that do not alienate even a disappointed man from his own country. Such a person, even reliving her sins and downs, not cut his story. For easy to love their homeland, where they can be proud of when it is strong, and all of his respect and fear. But just when the mother was drunk and lying in sin, spat, ridiculed and abandoned by all — only one son that will not turn away, passing by, and it will close a sin and shield them from desecration.

By the way, formed the European Community, now I notice the retarded, but still a significant rethinking of their own future. They begin to understand that in the twenty-first century, somewhere in the middle of it, completely changed the balance of power in the world. Europe will cease to be a place where committed developments of global importance. The protagonists of history are China, eastern civilizations, powerfully growing, there is billions of people, and Islam, which the West is trying in every way to fragment, destroy. Libya, Syria — were on the eastern standards, prosperous country. The West klikushestvuya about democracy there strongly encourages all kinds and Wahhabi extremist movements, just to break it, causing chaos, which the West thinks control, but it does not work … But the significance of Islam will still grow.

And many are beginning to understand that the more Europe turns back to Russia, the less she will mean to the future of international relations. But cooperation with Russia — this is a whole new side of the triangle, where you can maintain balance.
Interviewed by Vladimir Chernov

This is an interview with Vladimir Chernov prepared at the end of June 2013. July 28, he died of a heart attack. We express our condolences to the families and friends a wonderful person and a professional high.
Russian journalist Vladimir Chernov was born August 12, 1938. He worked in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and "Literary Gazette." From 1998 to 2003 — Chief editor of "Spark", since 2007, led the magazine Story.

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