New AAMS MEADS withstood the test

New AAMS MEADS withstood the test
Air missile system (AAMS) medium-range acts MEADS (Medium Extended Air Defense System) successfully passed tests proving ground to demonstrate abilities vserakursnym provide air and missile defense (air and missile defense). As an international company said MEADS Inc., Tests were conducted on the missile range White Sands (New Mexico).
During tests AAMS MEADS could immediately seize and kill two

aerial targets (VTS), soaring to the opposite direction. During the tests have been involved all the main components of the system: radar surveillance SR (Surveillance Radar) with radial visibility, command and control network host MEADS, two lung rockets launchers improved PAC-3 MSE (Missile Segment Enhancement), functional fire control radars MEADS MFCR ( Multifunction Fire Control Radar) radial angle. During the test failures were observed.

AAMS MEADS is a ground system, and missile defense protivozdushnoy AMD (air and missile defense) last generation, which uses radar radial visibility, network distributed fire control system, simply transportable launchers (PU) missiles with a kinetic mechanism defeat PAC-3 MSE.

In testing the first purpose served QF-4 target with air-breathing engine (WFD), which came into the zone acts AAMS from the south. Second goal was a rocket MGM-52 «Lance» (Lance), operates flights from the north along the trajectory of tactical ballistic missile. Radar observations found both goals and transmits the data to the machine targeting command and control, which provides data to the fire control radar intercept MFCR. Station MFCR fulfilled support both objectives and guidance on their rockets launched in configurations designed to Italy and Germany. During the tests was demonstrated the highest level of maneuverability missiles PAC-3 MSE.

First, this year AAMS MEADS successfully demonstrated the ability of radar detection and interoperability with network NATO combat systems in the certification process of radar identification system «- another’s» Mode 5.

Conducted at the site White Sand test was the third in which all targets were achieved flight tests AAMS MEADS. Earlier, in November 2011, this AAMS performed simulated air intercept a target with the WFD. In November 2012 AAMS MEADS found, captured, provided air support and liquidation target MQM-107. While all 3 tests it was proved that the system provides protection vserakursnym radial air space.

In the program there to develop MEADS AAMS uchavstvujut U.S., Germany and Italy. The main contractors are programmke AAMS company «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin) from the U.S. and the company MBDA from Germany and Italy.

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