New York City police sought from the downed drunks penalty for breaking the window

The usual walk through the center of New York City was completed for the 25-year-old Jesse Zorski hospitalization. A police officer knocked him to the patrol car and drove away from the scene. In this case, law enforcement officers also tried to knock out the young men compensation for the broken headlight.

According to the story Zorski, late at night, he was walking through the city center after a couple of beers. "I was not drunk, I was fully conscious," — says the citizen. At one of the intersections of law-abiding young man decided to cross the road at a green light. At this point, the road suddenly appeared a police car that hurt his rear-view mirror. The young man felt a pain in his leg and fell to the ground. Passers-called "first aid", which took the young man to the hospital. "I was shocked, but not drunk" — repeats Zorski.

"Chain Letter"

Once a young man came to himself, he exposed the hospital bill for $ 1,200. Insurance at the young man was not. To offset the costs of treating son Zorski family filed a lawsuit against the NYPD.

After that, the house Zorski received a letter from the enforcers. The police demanded that the young man to pay $ 1,200 for a broken mirror. "If you do not pay your bill against you will be prosecuted," — said in a statement the police.

Outraged relatives of the young man turned to the journalists of the American newspaper The Daily News. They intervened in the case and sent a formal request to the police about the downed boy.

Law enforcement officers admitted their mistake and withdrew a lawsuit against Zorski. "We did not have to send the letter. Now we are revising our rules to prevent future similar mistakes, "- told the deputy police chief of New York Paul Brown.

Penalty Dead

The NYPD is renowned for its thoroughness in getting the fines from the public. In October 2012, the guards caught 27-year-old Robinson Teymona for Karja curbs. The officers chased him in a patrol car and shot down. Robinson was seriously injured and died.

The death did not stop the thief stone guards about fined him $ 710. Robinson family is planning to sue the NYPD and requires police officers compensation for the death of the young men.

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