New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …

Twitter-feed Russian Brooklyn. October 2012.

Illegal alien from Yemen for the first time in the store the Bronx was shot in the thigh after refusing to show the contents of the cash register.

Bronx: the police by mistake asking the 27-year-old man, mother of the deceased put on the $ 710 bill for the dents on the bumper and hood.

The Governor of the State of New York has signed a law allowing the brew to sell in urban markets. The license cost: $ 1450 per year per 132,000 liters. In Brooklyn, driven mainly from corn, and some even grow their corn on brownfield sites.

Manhattan: at W14 St found with his throat cut and his ear cut off 25 liters. coach of the Red Bulls soccer team.

At Kennedy Airport arrested a man who gathered in Las Vegas suitcase of explosives, a set of brass knuckles, machetes, marijuana and a teddy bear.

In NY (New York) Woman "on something", devoid of a driver's license, took a bite of the face of police who stopped for speeding. Better call Saul!

Man, silently stuck like a syringe driver in the shoulder (B67-Brooklyn), released on a ban on riding on a city bus for a period of 1 year.

In Manhattan, arrested 13 members of the "Army of the East River," which engaged in illegal trade in arms and ammunition. 

Internal Revenue Service has published data on the defaulters in the state of New York. More than 70,000 companies have the treasury of 15 cents to 92 million dollars.

East Village residents need to remove the "fucking hood" of the restaurant IHOP, involved. at night with a roar emitted odors smoked. bacon and coffee. Residents of the East Village are going to hold a rally against the hood restaurant, spreading the night smells of bacon and coffee. Stated 500

Visitors to the store HomeDepot (Ave U, Brooklyn, NY) found in the Gulf of Mill Besin decomposed body of a man. Plug in the direction of Brighton Beach.

43-year-old lawyer who jumped from the Verrazano Bridge (Staten Island), was taken to hospital in serious condition. The bridge height — 69.5 meters. By the way, on the Verrazano Bridge are special phones psychological care for those who have decided to commit suicide. Most of the calls.

In Manhattan, arrested 21-year-old terrorist who tried to blow up in front of the Federal Reserve Bank 454 kg bomb provided by the FBI.

In lower Manhattan arrested one of the jurors, who brought into the courtroom 18 bags of heroin. The court hearing was postponed until Monday.

In the branch of the bank HSBC (Bronx) crawled a man who received a gunshot wound to the stomach. Criminals are selected when you exit the bank $ 13,000.

In New Jersey, accidentally discovered a large warehouse with fake KETCHUP Heinz. Similar to the weight of the tomato paste with the stench and swarms of flies emerged onto the street. Yeah, some sur. I never thought that someone here will forge ketchup, costing $ 3.

NY police began searching for criminals who park in the Bronx killed 2 Canadian. goose and wounded four birds. One protein was shot in the foot. New York City police and patrol service park (Pelham Bay, the Bronx), the second week can not catch a wounded squirrel (javelin was injured).

82-l. grandmother, accidentally received a can of tuna in the head at a supermarket in Manhattan, filed a $ 350,000 lawsuit against employees who "smile." Two employees of the supermarket "to laugh, looked at the fallen 82-year-old grandmother, shell-shocked fallen down from the top shelf can of tuna." The lawsuit states that workers do not receive medical care. Shell-shocked old lady lay "bleeding."

In the ballet theater Hammerstein (Manhattan) dozing man tumbled from a balcony three floors. Taken to hospital with fractures of both legs.

Staten Island police found a 20-year-old son of construction magnate, NY (James Loma) in the kitchen of the house with a large dose of Ketamine and Vicodin.

On Staten Island 15-year-old girl emo sent a tweet "I can not, it's over" and in front of their classmates threw herself under a train. The history of 15-year-old girl emo almost like a bow Germanicus. Parents have lived with an elderly aunt, driven to suicide by classmates.

In Manhattan, arrested by a police officer who was going to roast in the oven on low heat for girls live. New York in shock. There was a plan — how to steal, how to cook, how to cut pieces of meat … the FBI two months for an ogre-ulybashkinym monitored. Accomplice police man-eating, "you have a big gas oven?" "Yes, if you add up the girl's legs and tied to his head, then go down." Officer's wife cannibal, accidentally discovered on a computer husband recipes for human bodies in a negligee ran to the FBI office.

Gunfight at the club, "Demons of God» (Butler St, Brooklyn): One person was killed and another was taken to hospital in stable condition. Area cordoned off.

Central Manhattan (W75 St): 50-year-old nurse has planted two small children (2 and 6 years old) in the bathroom, and then cut the throat with a kitchen knife. Everyone throat myself too. But it's kind of like pumped, now in intensive care. The children were killed. New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …


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