New York police chief was put in a psychiatric hospital after his report on corruption

Adrian Schoolcraft (Adrian Schoolcraft) of section 81 of the Office of the New York Police noticed some disturbing trends in his department, but in response to his bold speech, the authorities threw him in a psychiatric clinic.

Schoolcraft found that in the preparation of reports on the victims of crime, the employees have a tough bureaucratic pressure. In his view, this pressure is created specifically to complicate discovery of information about serious crimes.

Then he did what he should — filed a report about the many such cases in 2009.
According to the Village Voice, in October 2009, Schoolcraft spoke with investigators of the Office of Police for three hours, and managed to tell them about the more than 12 cases of falsification of reports on crime in his neighborhood.

Three weeks after this conversation, which, for obvious reasons, was kept a secret from his supervisors, Schoolcraft faced persecution.

Section chief, in which he served Schoolcraft, along with his deputy, issued an order — forcibly relocated Schoolcraft from his apartment to a psychiatric clinic Jamaica Hospital. Where he spent six days.

This is not the first time that Schoolcraft made against police corruption in New York. Schoolcraft has published some previously recorded in the two years phone calls to police stations. For this publication, revealing the massive incompetence and corruption in the NYPD, he received Award from the Village Voice.

Details conclusion Schoolcraft in a psychiatric hospital only recently been disclosed in the 95-page report.
According to this report, Schoolcraft was temporarily without pay, suspended from work for more than two years — just for trying to get justice and honestly perform their duties.

Schoolcraft wrote a report, and the Police Department tried to keep it secret for two years. This is understandable, as the report cast a shadow on the reputation of the police. Village Voice reports that the police commissioner of New York Raymond Kelly ordered an investigation into the report, which was completed in June 2010.

And after that, according to the Village Voice, the department continued to keep it a secret. The report, sent to the Village Voice, said that the Police Department of New York has actually confirmed the charges Schoolcraft. In retaliation for this, Schoolcraft and faced persecution.

Village Voice writes"At the time when the police chiefs pursued Schoolcraft, denying him a salary, and subjecting him to administrative pressure, Police Department has fully proved all his allegations." The charges officer Schoolcraft mainly covered the practice of the New York Police Department to falsify crime statistics to produce a false picture of the effectiveness of their work.

"The police said that the arrested people who did not do anything special other than standing on the street, at the same time ignoring the real victims of serious crimes who wish to submit applications," — writes Village Voice.
Of course, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond Kelly categorically denied all charges.

However, the recently published 95-page report, confirms the allegations Schoolcraft, contrary to statements of its leaders. People who read the charges Schoolcraft, have come to the conclusion that "the team has been created such an atmosphere for its members so that they could not disclose the exact figures of crimes."

This is not the first time the Police Department of New York is implicated in the scandal. In 2011, it became known planting drugs on people for a reason for their arrests.

Schoolcraft courage in the face of systemic corruption — is commendable, and we hope it will no longer be prosecuted for an honest performance of their duties.

At least now it is clear that there are some police officers who really are for our protection, and are not only a source of a false sense of security and the collection of tribute for the government.

Let's hope that Schoolcraft will be given all the withheld wages, and maybe even — give a promotion, or at least recognize his brave act of the struggle for justice.

Law Office «Jon L. Norinsberg and Cohen & Fitch, LLP »filed action on behalf of Schoolcraft against the leaders of the City Hall and the Police Department of New York, and launched a special site, dedicated to their struggle. Anyone can learn about the progress and lend his assistance. *

Source: NYPD officer thrown in psych ward by superiors after revealing systemic corruption, Madison Ruppert, March 11, 2012.

* At the moment, the office «Jon L. Norinsberg and Cohen & Fitch, LLP »refused the claim and defense Schoolcraft, for unknown reasons.

In May 2011, the District Court found the actions of a psychiatric clinic and police had detained Schoolcraft "A violation of his constitutional rights".

However, the court battle "abnormal cop" with the regime still does not run out, and is still going on. Updated reports that at the beginning of December 2012 Queens District Attorney said, that the actions of the police and the hospital to arrest Schoolcraft — fully justified.


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