Night Siege — 19 November

The forums portal discussions are news: the cost of gas Belarus in 2008 will be tied to the price of gas to Poland. The Polish fare will cost otymat transit and used as a reduction factor. Comments forum participants:
"We go to the shops greedy matches and salt!"
"From $ 300 need to subtract the price of transit through Belarus, and of this amount to take 67 percent."
"Once again substantiates the ordinary truth — no need to swear never ending love, otherwise you will end … In respect us after 14 years of" big and bright love "- spit. Politics — it’s not syusyu-Lala is with Putin, the Chavez, Ahmadinejad is a … "
Living in a society magazine by_politics discussions are statements by the Deputy Chairman of the BPF Ivashkevich that in the future, the party members can be elected to the House of Representatives. Representation of community members:
"Well, here itself or they no longer have to try and? What now they say that, that are have theirof the candidate — is also a plus. "
"It is interesting, but what they have created to get into the council of deputies? Either it was a personal promise for Lukashenko that helped shoot down the mood of protest in the country?"
Alexander Brechak in your own blog on the website argues that what was created by the ruling party "Snow White Rus". Blogger calls it a "Trojan stallion snow white" and is associated with a computer virus, "trojan". "If such a party," trojan "becomes a reality, it is but their own direct destination — zombirovanii population — gently surround the king Pryyama warmth and care," protect "from" enemy viruses "navyazavshy him with all this" right "decision … Well and later, when the time comes "X hour" Trojan programm will reveal simultaneously and absolutely will change a program from previous. Likewise, the king himself. "
Barilotti blogger saw the poster advertising the festival "Night of Ad Eaters" made in Belarusian, and look there for the latest whiteRussian language bukovku — And vasmyarychnae that caught in Tipo written in Belarusian families, general producer of the festival Alexander Nikolaichuk
On the website you can find "Large student albums Cultured people." On the occasion of a day or a student who is celebrated on November 17 on the website located student photo Levon Volsky, Oleg Khomenko, Sergei Mikhalkov Kulinkovich Alexander, Anna Volskaya, Igor Varashkevich, Pete Pavlov Misha Anempadistova, Kasi Kamotskaya, Dmitry Podberezskaya, Sasha Rakovci, Vitaly Artist and Katie Pytlevoy.

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