Night Siege — 23 November

Living in a society magazine minsk_by vorachivayutsya again to the outcome of the meeting of Belarusian rock musicians to manage the ideological head of the Presidential Administration Oleg Pralyaskouski. Someone Zhenjan_belorus writes: "… why there was no trade? Men simply appointed their cost! They just uttered:" We will show on BT, and for that you’ll be singing "Hey dad." Well, that’s all. The phrase: "Guys, do not meddle in politics" does not mean that "Guys, do not participate in the elections." It means: "Guys, forget about who you were sure to those people, who listened to you for years, spit in their eyes, and then, perhaps, we will give you the opportunity to sing for the opening act of Angelica. "
Favourite band NRM Lavon Volsky own blog comments on the situation around this action. He draws attention that if the Belarusian rock group were virtually banned, the public did not do anything in order to comment on the this occasion his indignation: "The most unpleasant — impression that all this all arranged. Than suits everyone (and West) segodnyaschy situation in the country. Here they are — spotless, bright our illegal musicians. sit without concerts. But not sullied themselves cooperation. Wait, so we are three year reversed were on BT and ONT, and on state radio. Means already tarnished? And in general, the concert at the Palace of the Republic — is this normal? Or better to this building does not come close? A short-circuit "Minsk"? Also quite municipal, imperative hall. Excellent be Prof. fighter. And at the same time work pragrameram. "
The forums portal directed attention expression on the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Serpikova — he spoke Now X Minsk forum. From the words of the emperor Serpikova, EU does not want to recognize Belarus, and in European political circles and formed a critical look lopsided. With regard to Belarus, use double standards and meanwhile Belarusian population supports the power, and the country is projected for the EU and a reliable partner. Comments forum participants:
"Standard heresy words swapped places, and not everywhere … course forward … people … all support some fabulous people all support … As someone predictability and reliability — very adpalena. Especially remember the winter 2007 Poles. For months, certainly predicted that father cock will cover. "
Pustasloy blogger writes in his own online blog:
"But I care about advertising Belarusian lottery … first story: Dad Tipo-official (or other person close to the organizers lyatereyai) asks the daughter, if she really wants is a mercedes, and after a positive response confident corrects it to him — "take away, my daughter." second story: bandit comes to the bank and states that, that unlike previous times, now he will get a legitimate means — in scoring remain bandits … "

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