Night Siege — 26 November

Someone Vorewig in connection with the acceleration of the "March of Dissent" in Russian St. Petersburg community minsk_by writes: "Tell me, please, gentlemen pochetaemye Belarusians. I have a question for you itself: we in Russia at the moment is the same plate like you, or not yet, or no longer even worse? Thank you. Ilya from Moscow. " Belarusians answers:
"For you to us as the moon. Yet."
"You have a web cheaper and more stores."
"It still amazes you — we no longer have. But you go to the same method, and it will cost more for you: in Belarus actually seen the full economic stabilizets over the coming decades (in fact in debt endlessly climb will not work), and Our homeland may have long-term live at such prices for oil, unless America staged another star wars to fit your industry and nivelyavats stabilization fund. "
"Do you while better, but the prospects are huge. "
On forums portal discussions are news: 30 November the government abolished a 20 percent discount on water — for those who have a home counters. Presentation participants forums:
"In general, cancellation of privileges — it very good specifically with viewpoint mental effect. Suitable thing! "
"I can say that the farm" Druzhba "Braslavsky Vitebsk region gathered inhabitants are connected to the local water supply, and gave the order of mandatory and voluntary, at their own expense to install water meters! Fact that for many workers farm setting will greatly reduce the counter and without of a moderate budget, nobody worried … "
"I wish to amuse everyone else who put counters — they have a limited lifespan. Ordinary time between inspections — about 3-4 years old (it is written in the passport). So here, for checking the meter must be removed and give a befitting company. In Ultimately you need to pay for the dismantling, inspection, installation, sealing. (…) This is according to the price of a new counter. (…) This epic ".
Website "Belarusian Frog" offers collage — cover new, "proper" album NRM — "Adeltrudaimira." Here are names of some tracks from the album: "There was mother of 3 and synishek lapachku-daughter", "All the people, nothing for himself," "On the strip of Stalin," "Lenin Street."
On the website "Grodno blog" discussions are local news Grodno Oblast Executive Committee on the initiative of the local police to restrict the sale of alcohol in stores and gas stations for one hour. On November 15, Liquor will be sold from 8 to 21 hours. Guest commentary website:
"Neuzh even executive committee took the cattle? Can not be!"
"Beating alcoholism, restricting the sale of alcohol, all the same, that fight with neuvvyazkami digestion, without resorting to the toilet. Again benefit from taxi drivers and grandmother-samogonschitsy. "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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