Night Siege — 29 November

On forums portal discussions are information that Alexander Lukashenko claimed only create competitive on the world market production. Comments:
"Do not seek, but just not to disturb";
"That claimed, and — are only the most modern production, how do — not disturb ";
"We have no time to lose" — saw Head of State. Naturally. Second 13 years will not be ";
"Competitiveness in the criteria of the lack of competition, monopoly and bureaucratic capital and 100% of import duties — this least pulls on the Nobel Prize in economics. "
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are an article of the newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda "a group of people who had taken refuge under the ground in anticipation of the end of the world. Article creator Nicholas Varsegav midst ofwhich read with Belarusians, who joined a group of hermits. All Belarusians declared that adore Alexander Lukashenko and that if he came to them, everyone would have rushed to his feet. Comments:
"You have to go into the cave bulbashi and frustrate the end of the world. Pachyshcha It will rain, which he gave";
"For Lukashenko best news would be to find out that the sectarians oppose Lukashenko and the Belarusian opposition. Which would be material for propaganda";
"Characteristics, but. Lukashenko What’s electorate …"
Czyk your own blog accommodates Preview new coat of arms of Minsk region with articles in the newspaper "Zvezda". Base of the emblem is a bit trimmed coat of arms of the former Minsk province of the Russian Empire, in the upper left corner of the new coat of arms shield of arms inserted Minsk. Comment:
"Slightly modified in Photoshop occupation Russian coat of arms of Minsk. Hopefully, one day will be canceled, together with the red-green flag."
muirchertaig argues in his diary about the actions of the country to vytryasaniya funds from people: "It turns out that the amnesty we will pay. Want to get out of the bullpen for amnesty — Pay State for damage caused during the theft. I think what we have a principle — one wine one car. Rubbish Not many of people experienced tribunal sat in jail, sat down and disgraced, so now and still have to pay. Amnesty — is forgiveness. It can only be free. And so it is not amnesty, and hostage to ransom. Our bureaucrats have lost the chance to modernize the country’s economy and efficient, but take a little money out of all — with the elderly, prisoners, and students. About these my aunt says: "fleece foam with shit."
*** All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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