Night Siege — December 3

Artem Agafonov blogger responds in his diary on the election results in the Russian parliament — Municipal Duma:
"Today I am happy that I live in Belarus — this measured European country, ruled by friendly Agrarnik Lukashenko and not bloody maniac. Where rallies do not shoot, and the last couple of months, not even dispersal. Everything is learned in comparison. Our home now — it’s Belarus yesterday. And if the Belarusian leader under threat of monetary collapse slowly began to return the country to civilian life, the Russian oil bucks enough forever. "Comment:
"But the economic freedom of people in Russia even more. And they have enough funds to buy a cheap gas Lukashenko if desired."
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are loss of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the referendum. Citizens of Venezuela responded to offer Hugo Chavez to expand his constitutional possibilities. Difference between votes" for "and" against "was least 1 percent. Yet Hugo Chavez agreed with fruits. Comments:
"Until 2014, even arrange a referendum. Lukashenko teach him";
"Subsequent calls just let Yarmoshina. Will it 99% turnout and 99% total!"
On forums portal Discussions are chairman’s statement Supreme Court Valentine bitch who said he did not support the yearly amnesties convicted. Comments:
"Simply, as in China, 50% of crimes — execution";
"Everything turned upside down. Favor offender and persecute those who fussing about the observance of the Constitution, who opposes the election fraud, usurpation of power";
"The authority of the government have long been lost. A amnesty — an additional method to save the budget."
"Began?" — Under this heading are published information on the music portal "A dozen hits" that Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich invited to the role of the project in the New Year ONT group "Palace" was among 15 applicants for the qualifying round to the "Eurovision-2008" and coupled with the fact "Neuro Dubel" with "Palace" are preparing for a huge concert in March, which will be held in the Palace of the Republic. Not so long ago betrothed musicians were vneglasnoe blacklist authorities for his role in 2004 in concert against the rule Alexander Lukashenko.
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