Night Siege December 5

Blogerluft draws attention to such news agency BelaPAN: Migrant Accommodation Center in Brest is 32-year-old Swiss citizen. Stranger came to Belarus by car "Lada" through the checkpoint Warsaw Bridge 28 November and said the border guards about he wants refugee status ". L_u_f_t calls this" another stunning victory of the Belarusian model ". Readers blog comment:
"I think he was even in Navinki residence will."
"From Switzerland to Belarus? On the" Lada "? Well this is how need to be loser … "
"Maybe in Switzerland repression began against the hosts" Lada "?"
The forums write: "In the current" Evening Brest "on this topic was an article, so here Chita "… he came to Belarus from Poland by car "Lada" … Belarusian border said that he wanted to seek political cover … According deepest belief stranger, Belarus, Venesuela — Cuba is the best country in the world … In cars were personal belongings and Works of Lenin Vladimir Lenin … "
Living in a society magazine minsk_by discussions are a problem of the students as to whether the university libraries to connect laptop to e-books online? Lithvin someone complains that a technical institute is prohibited. Other comments:
"Very harmful radiation of these laptop-books, if they are connected to the network! Elekrychnasts need to save until the nuclear station is not built!"
"Another absurd. And for light bulbs of the guests funds have not yet been dismissed?"
"In the honey sockets glued, so that students have entertained phones."
On forums discussions are news in Minsk will have its own akiyanaryyum and dolphinarium. Its built on the area of the zoo. Think about it that participants forums:
"Begin to build a dolphinarium, and again get an ice palace."
"Better that than watch, fountains, libraries, ice rinks, so called ski resorts in the mountains our country. "
"Certainly at the dolphinarium is necessary to build a casino, a restaurant and sauna."
"And I feel sorry for the dolphins."
And the guests discussions are an article titled "Sex, meat and chocolate develop the mind." Not everyone who read the article, agree with these thoughts:
"I’ve been familiar with vegetarian discussed a study and concluded that it is not enough due to …"
"Well, what about meat agree — some rather weak argument. But sex and chocolate — in my opinion gave a good scientific eyeliner. "
"Yeah, yeah. I have a friend from birth ovoscheed (in fact born in the family ovoscheedov), I naadvarod just seems that he can do more bright as they say — light head. "
"And if you combine sex using meat in chocolate. Mom, Dad, chomp chomp … "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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