Night Siege — November 21

On the website "Nasha Niva" guests respond to the information on the agreement between the well-known Belarusian musicians Alexander Kullinkovich, Levon Wolski, Oleg Khomenko and Igor Varashkevichem with Deputy Managing Presidential Administration Oleg Pralyaskouski. Vneglasnoe bureaucrat promises to remove the ban on performances of the musicians, who in turn promised not to speak at political events. Comments:
"Pleasantly surprised. News more sensational than sanctions" Belneftekhim ";
"Fooled head and fools. Pralyaskouski No confidence!"
The forums portal comment expressions Russian film actress Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina in the address of Alexander Lukashenko. Russian movie star said that she loves the Belarusian leader that people loved him, and that he was a "real man." Comments:
"I understand it, in Moscow to her nobody cares, do not find out. And here the president vyznat in stores spetsabslugovvanne satisfied";
"And what is it wrong? Real rustic man";
"Well, she does not know that Actually happening in Belarus. She commended the men for five minutes of dialogue. "
Andorac writes in his diary: "On December 17, students take away benefits. And they seem to not care for it. Neither one share of the summer and have not spent." Comments:
"Not only students. Generally, from time to time it seems that zmagaessya for those who do not need it. So what? And come to the conclusion what you need» Do what it must for you and those who you thinks. Belarusian solidarity ;-) And in general, this is probably the consequences of the rule of the Russian Empire, which for decades has destroyed feature and pinned meekness ";
"Ratsya. This Russian mentality and educate people in the spirit of" do not touch me until, "" to live quietly, peacefully, as all "(expressions even my family), making the results … How to" flock "to live — they can, and that’s to be combined on» at the request of at least 1 and ultimately for the best bit of all — this is the problem. "
Website "Nasha Niva", in the midst of the rest, announcing the video demonstration of the work of "Nasha Niva" in Warsaw on November 23. Pulley can look on the web on the website On the ribbon, current and former employees of the newspaper to talk about themselves and their own work. Says Sergey Hareuski:
"Perhaps, but I have the 1st book in the labor itself has very long record that I work in" Our Cornfield "since 1991. Seemingly could long leave. How went the first editor in chief, the second … I mean restored "Our Niva. "But I’m all sit and sit."

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