Night Siege — November 5

The community discussions are minsk_by appeal "Belarusian Helsinki Committee", which finds the victims of fighting between young anti-fascists and members of right-wing groups in time "Public march" in Minsk on November 4. BHC declares his intention to start a public investigation into the incident. Comments:
"And who BHC considers victims?";
"Provoke hassle Nazis";
"Surprisingly, but people seem to be ready to defend Natsik, he says," do not they first started "?"
On forums portal discussions are about Misha Vitushko century, which is now celebrated on November 5. Misha Vitushko — anticommunist resistance activist in Belarus 1945-59 gg. Comments:
"Fascists began to praise?";
"Motherland — not only Russian power. Many were very severe foundation does not love her. "
"Glory to the heroes who fought with reddish muck!"
Who is the editor in chief of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" Pavel Yakubovich answered questions Israeli Information website Kursor. "After coming to power, Lukashenko municipal anti-Semitism in the country strangled, although at the household level of disease gives a reminder for yourself," — said in the midst of the rest of Pavel Yakubovich. One of the guests asked, "Does it seem to you that you justify sending the Jews, and Lukashenko Framed you and yourself?". Answer: "No one what is not justified, you have the wrong idea about my mission …. more internationalist than President of Belarus the vast Eastern Europe look hard. "
Writer Ales Arkush in his diary knows the story from his own five offspring. Note called "Akseleraty": "Yesterday Daniel told about one’s business in the garden. Says: we’ve got two brand new, Dasha and Sasha. So that’s already in love with Sasha Nastya. But nothing can do, just to kiss."

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