Night Siege — November 7

On forums portal was to discuss "November 7 — day holiday calendar." Oh, so for themselves represent this prazdnichek participants forums:
"It is better to cancel it" prazdnichek "and enter additional output after the New Year or Christmas. Every time your prazdnichkom and remember the tips and general booze after demonstrations already tired."
"Who knows what the greatest weapon in the world? True cruiser" Aurora. "Only one shot — and 70 or more years of devastation. ‘Cause I do not think today Happy holiday and nothing to celebrate what ground the millions of lives. "
Living in a society magazine by_politics Tatiana Fir, popular in the network as Zmagarka, contains a current photo from Independence Square, where a rally was held to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution. "It’s a pity people," — said Zmagarka. — "Communists — a vestige of society. This is their failure and their happiness."
Other members of the community comment:
"And imagine for themselves, they think the same about the marchers and waterways."
"Let yourself for gad certainly one — their fate awaits their leader, the monument which they, in fact, come."
Alexander Brechak your own blog on the website returned again to the subject of the Public March held in Minsk on November 4. During the rally clashed neo-Nazis and anarchists — a rare Belarus incident. Blogger connects this incident with the action on the day of national unity in Moscow. "I would not want in this case somehow characterize the Nazis of" Pure white will "and" snow-white Russia ", at least as these organizations have very few, quite marginal and completely alien to the Belarusian mentality. Actually, it branches Russian Nazi-fascist groups, or their analogues, which, I believe, not without a role of special services exported from Moscow to Belarus.
But the main problem for my eyes, is not even in them, and in a very real rampant fascism in modern Russian Federation, which, for sure, no one does not cause any vibrations. I do not know, maybe Russian government and its intelligence agencies own neanatsystski zvyarynets he keeps under control, using his time for his own political purposes, but for the neighbors of Russia, this is an indisputable fact is becoming more insecure. "
A community lulu_gov_by appeared newly formed men’s and ladies’ names — similar to Russian.
Vezaperp — "Veterans for pereymenavanne prospectuses" Gazab — "Vote for Belarus" Yavstuvb — "I joined the Youth Union" Rytnalis — "Reeve trench into strips Stalin" Neapnal — "Not on the track ahead of the president"
Allunana — "Aleksandar Lukashenko — our hope" Yavyva — "I grew up in agro" Yaazanasba — "I gave earnings for the construction of the Library"
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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