Night Siege November 8

The community by_politics rfhscnfkmybr politmeh asked in connection with the events in Georgia, where President Saakashvili imposed a state of emergency, "you discover the same want democracy? With rubber bullets and tear gas?" Answers:
"No, we have enough today with truncheons";
"Yes, I think Saakashvili imposed emergency rule in vain means frightened all the same";
"These new-fangled trend as the change of power not through elections, but through successful protests, I do not love ";
"I wish every democracy. Worse, than presently, we were only in the time of Stalin. "
On forums portal discussions are police initiative that proposes to ban the sale of alcohol from the ninth to the tenth evening morning. Comments:
"Stop: preparation of ink! What is the meaning with those limitations? ";
"Ink — is a means of propaganda, and not just alcohol. Without ink announcements BT and ONT get kind silly jokes";
"Personally, I’m more concerned that the house for six months already closed all the stalls. To purchase for a bottle of beer after work, you go to the store and stand there all";
"They want to limit myself in consumption? Moonshine I will drive."
Insurhent publishes a photo with one of Soligorsk stores where the cafeteria is a sheet of paper with the words "sale today." In the list are one and two story Fri: "Vodka on razliv, 50 g — 790 rubles., 100 g — 1500 rubles.". (For 100 grams more profitable to pay 80 rubles.) Post called "For stability! Action "for 82,6% only" from the store number 43 in Soligorsk. "
Creator says: "At one point, heard there talking with pradavachki loader:
— Bring us vodka. But many do not carry it. 5 boxes … "
Tomorrow Shklou penal colony continue indoor trial favorite unregistered organization "Young Front"Dmitry Dashkevich. Guy who is already serving a half years in prison, judged for what he refused to testify against their colleagues. A few days reversing the Web site appeared "Freedom to Dashkevich".
Through the website you can find the incident cases of young policy announcements of the protection of the political prisoner, also in the midst of the rest of what every citizen can directly assist Dmitry Dashkevich. For example, the creators of the website call come November 9 Škloŭ support Dmitry Dashkevich.
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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