Nikolai Cherginets suing non-journalists

In Pershamaiski district court held a preliminary hearing on the suit Chairman of the House of Representatives of the State Security Nikolai Cherginets to journalist Alexander Tamkovich and Unitary Enterprise "Time of news", which publishes the independent newspaper "New Era". Nikolai Cherginets requests compensation for insulting the honor and own pluses: Tamkovich with 100 million rubles, and of publishing — 500 million.
The reason for the appeal to the tribunal was an article by Alexander Tamkovich written in the newspaper "New Era" — "General-Senator Nikolai Cherginets." In his lawsuit Cherginets referred to the fact that his name was mentioned Tipo in connection with the "Vitebsk thing" when shot innocent man.
According to the views of the creator of the publication of Alexander Tamkovich, which is currently struggling with the heaviest disease true prerequisite was that in his article he called alliance of writers, who heads Nikolai Cherginets, "correct." According to the journalist, the main purpose of the claim that the sovereign Cherginets filed two months after the publication of the article, — the elimination of the independent newspaper "Novy Chas".
"He did everyday compilation of text. I think that this is a blow not against me, and blow on the newspaper "New Era", where at the moment printed writers who are not included in the so-called "right" Alliance writers. First it hit a "pashkevitski" Writers Alliance. Another reason is that I do not think Charhinets majestic writer. "
Says editor Alex Lord:
"In the article sees no grounds for action on defamation and the pros. There are facts and there are certain judgment. Fact that the borders. I looked last number" Economist "article on Brown’s successor, Tony Blair. So there is such epithets that we never dreamed of. This is the fate of public policy. But we seem to arise again zone is critical care. "
Nikolai Cherginets said that if he wins the case, then give a means of healing on the physical level of patients.
"Well, he wants to let the Alliance refers to this wrong. That is his right. Offended and slandered me, that I was involved in so referred "Vitebsk affairs." And I worked in the town of Minsk. As you know, Minsk or the police department, where I worked, and earlier Leninsky district police station, the police department still Pervomajskij formerly Russian — not command Vitebsk. I was the first who raised this question . "
Referee Lena Ananich parties offered a truce. But a spokesman Nicholas Charhinets answered all offers editorial "New time" negatively.
Alex says Lord:
"We offered to submit the same area, which was originally written, to express their own viewpoint Sovereign Charhinets on this case. It is not adopted. Side and the tribunal decided that the case is ready for discussion at the trial. "
Arbitrator appointed Lena Ananich hearing on December 19. Tags: Cherginets, new, private, media tribunal, while

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