Nikolai Starikov: Obama prepares to bargain with Putin

August 29, nearly a week ago in his article "Why aggravate the situation in Syria or everyday world geopolitics", I wrote that the attack on Syria will not be at least until the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg on September 5-6. Weather in fact confirmed, and the day before Obama's departure to the meeting was filled with a lot of strange, seemingly unrelated to each other developments.

In fact, the U.S. is actively preparing for the summit. Russia not far behind.

Let's analyze the facts and we will be more clear.


Fact one.

What did the media. On Tuesday, September 3 about 10.16 Russian military recorded the launch of two ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean. The objectives were flying in the direction of Syria. By the way — recorded a brand new start, in June alone put into operation a new generation of radar "Voronezh-DM" in Armavir (the launch of which most of the media in Russia modestly silent!). Issued by unknown missiles are flown to the coast 300 km and fell into the water. A few hours later Israel declared that it was target missile.

What really happened.

United States conducted a sample of Syrian air defenses. Launches "educational" target missiles, and even in the form of ballistic missiles in the region, where about war may, contrary not only to common sense. It is contrary to international agreements — on training launches are always informed in advance. In fact, States have tested the Syrian air defense — defense work. The missiles were shot down and fell into the sea. After that Israel immediately took responsibility for their launch. As long as the rocket flew — all silent. Why is that? Version lined up on the fact reaction Syrians. Israel TV in their editions … referred to the Russian military.

Fact two

What did the media: "U.S. President Barack Obama is confident that Congress will support his decision on a military strike on the facilities in the Syrian regime's response to the use of chemical weapons. He said this on Tuesday before meeting with the Congress at the White House on Syria, reports USA Today. "Yes," — said Obama's questions about whether he is confident in the results of a vote in Congress. The U.S. president also said their willingness to work on the wording of a resolution along with the legislators. "

What really happened.

United States behaves like a gorilla. Before the attack, the primacy of long beats his chest and gave a loud cry, so that the enemy could not … run away. For more than a week, all discussing the potential impact of the U.S. on Syria. But it is not. Why make a statement about the war and not to fight? Think of a gorilla. So do when they are not going to fight.

U.S. is going to haggle. Obama is going to bargain with Putin. And uncertainty will or will not need to hit trade. So kind of like congressmen support hit, that is willing to agree to the war. But it is not exactly clear so. "And yet, the White House still can not be sure of the support of Republicans in voting against Syria. "We agreed on many things, but the devil is in the details" — satisfaction and disbelief at the same time commented on the results of the meeting with the President of Senator McCain. "

What about Russia? Russia also produced a pair of aces.

1. "Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said the country's decision to join the Customs Union. He made this statement during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. According to Sargsyan, his country is ready to take to this end, the necessary practical steps, and subsequently — to participate in the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union. "

2. "The large landing ships of the Black Sea and Baltic Fleets" Novocherkassk "and" Minsk "came out of the basing points and headed for the Mediterranean. This was reported in the press service of the Office of Information and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Defense Ministry clarified that on September 5-6, passed the straits, the ships will arrive in the designated area of the Mediterranean Sea and will take up the tasks according to the plans of operational command. "

And the day before, on September 2: "By the shores of Syria went to the Russian intelligence ship" Azov ". The crew will perform the work on intelligence gathering in an escalation of the conflict. "

And for some reason Russian warships sail rush to the shores of Syria EXACTLY for September 5-6. By the beginning of Obama's talks with Putin in St. Petersburg. Agree — too many strange things have happened in one day. The last working day before Obama's mission in Russia.

Figures apart, put up trumps in the sleeves. It remains only to recall what will be bargaining. I recall that I wrote a week earlier.

"Russia and China have planned for the summit to announce the creation of a new" currency union "in the form of a sovereign fund, the main" chip "which should be the ability to issue debt securities and the possibility of financing at a low% of business projects in Russia and China, both for its own and for foreign businessmen. In the case of this step is impacted with the Anglo-Saxons, as they say, pit of my stomach. In this position statement draws the attention of all the world's media — it's impossible to hide … U.S. urgently, in a terrible time trouble, you need to mount a serious challenge Russian and Chinese to exchange it for the rejection of applications for creation of a "monetary union". And "suddenly" escalated the situation around Syria. "

The threat to the United States in the most vulnerable to them, the financial sector, resulting in such a strange act of Washington, who growls and waving his fists, but does not hit. And getting ready to bargain. U.S. does not need a Damascus, they do not care for the civilian population of the world. They need to avoid hitting the financial sector.

At any cost.

Let's wish the Russian president, the foreign minister of the country success in the coming negotiations with the Americans.

The outcome of these negotiations will determine the fate of the world in the Middle East. Perhaps the fate of the entire world.

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