Norwegian journalists are interested: that freedom of speech in Grodno?

Call the beginning of other journalists and writers who visited Grodno. This Norwegian writer Terje Goltet Lyarsen, his collaborator Peter Norman Waage, vice chairman of the Norwegian Union of Journalists Kjetil Gaanes and Eva Stabel, deputy chairman of the Danish Union of Journalists. Guests are interested state newspaper market in Grodno, the fate of closed editions.
Kjetil Gaanes said that the project dedicated to Belarus, the Norwegians are closely cooperating with the Danish Union of Journalists and other Scandinavian neighbors, and the Belarusian issue has always beenfor them in the midst of the principal. They also collaborate with the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
We asked Alexis Krykaryana how, with his viewpoint, looks position are independent media in Belarus?
"The situation with freedom of expression in Belarus, such that it is close to zero, to complete lack of it. And this was already stated by many international organizations. Together with them, we’ll prepare a report, and I have created this impression that Belarus’ rating will be very small — that to freedom of expression. "
What compels so think? — We asked Alexis Krykaryana.
"If will be adopted the new law, which asks registration websites for both recurring publications, I am sure that the situation is even worse, in the best case will simply stagnate. "
What interested in Belarus chairman of the Norwegian Union creators writer Anna Otergolm?
"I was here Three years back and wanted to find out what has changed in Belarus — says Anna Otergolm. — I do not see any special configurations, the only Our homeland that no longer supports Belarus economically. And I’m curious: what would happen if the economic situation will change? "
Ms. Otergolm said that it is also very interested in Belarusian literature, but so it was that before This time she had to talk only with Belarusian journalists.
One of the organizers of the meeting, Paul Mazhejka summarized the results:
"For me, more fundamentally, that the freedom of speech in Belarus was constantly under intense international attention. And the arrival of Norwegian journalists to have a very real opportunity to specifically introduce our colleagues and management influential journalistic organizations with the situation that now exists in Grodno specifically with freedom -independent speech and harassment of journalists. "

Scandinavian writers and journalists at a meeting in Grodno

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