November 20 began the mound mound unending glory

"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 report: "On sweltering day (November 2), the group visited Vilna Belarusian citizenship grave: K.Svayaka, A.Lavitskaga and L.Kandratovicha. Particularly interesting was at the grave Svayaki when assembled began to sing Belarusian songs. Gathered then the mass of the Polish citizenship who listened with interest to the Belarusian songs … Belarusians also joined a group of Lithuanians who wished to honor the singer fraternal Belarusian people . "
"On the 21-kilometer highway Minsk — Moscow on November 20 began the mound mound unending glory, — informs the 1967" Banner of youth. "- It is built in honor of the soldiers and partisans, who in 1944 defeated the fascist German army group" Center " The sounds of music … the song "I love you, Life" endless chain of people ascend to the top of the mound., where they dumped the land that brought memorable places of the republics and the hero-cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kiev, Sevastopol, Odessa, fortress Brest-hero. "
"Name", year 1997. The newspaper wrote: "Global day greetings passed quite unnoticed in our country. But this prazdnichek celebrated November 21, 1973. The thought of his brothers appeared in Michael and Brian McCormack of the U.S. as a response to increased international tensions. The brothers believed that ordinary "No!", "Tag!", "Hello", "Salam" that fly by Worldwide multibillion-dollar circulation, though slightly warmed every human heart … "

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