Now Rally in Warsaw on the occasion of the birth of Alexander Kozulin

Organizer shares Nemchitsky Ignatius said to us that his organization is different and unusual methods to continue to remember the Poles of political prisoners in Belarus.
How does it cool? Voice protestor, Belarusians living in Warsaw, Igor Krishton:
Krishton: "The Poles who approach us understand the situation. They remember and know how something similar happened in Poland during the war. They they say — we have overcome, and soon you will win"

Alexander Kozulin November 25 turned 52. This is the second day of birth, that he meets in prison. At the three-day visit to the policy in Vitebsk colony came daughter Olga and Julia and wife Ira.
Alexander Kozulin was sentenced in Last year 5 and a half years imprisonment — Tribunal found him in Minsk guilty of hooliganism and riots organization. Politics kept behind bars since March 25 2006. "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience recognized Kozulin.

Photo report of the shares in Warsaw

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