Official Minsk plans to pay off with Gazprom property?

Another round of talks in "Gazprom" held Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Rimma Filimonov.
In an interview with "Freedom," she said, that "the trip was a secret character." But did we agree on something?
"There is a negotiation procedure. It’s just was the next step is to estimate, look, calculate. The initial agreement was last year, when we entered into an agreement until 2011 "- says Filimonov.
First deputy minister of energy Edward Tovpenets Pronunciation:
"Positions are being cleared. There is a contract, defined formula that cost should be calculated. Should be verified by the characteristics of the price, as there are many components that require documentary evidence."
According to the press service of "Gazprom" on "rather positive result and turn that side discussions are not so much the cost, there is actually resolved the issue, it remains to prepare the documents. And the fact that the Belarusian side offered" Gazprom "role in investment projects on the territory of Belarus, — in the field of electricity and fertilizer. Cases in a different plane. And it shows the stability of the negotiations on the cost. "
According to the contract, the cost of gas will be 67% of the price on the European market — except for transport costs.
"Maybe it’s better to pay for gas than give up some supplies?"
Economist Tatiana Manyanok considers logical bind to the cost of gas for Poland as it comparable market.
"128 bucks — the cost of which, in my disk imaging, already incorporated in the budget for the following year. Belarusian bureaucrats did not deny that included an increase of 15-20% in some places. They will be traded and will offer some conditions, so get such a figure. Since it tied the whole economy. "
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika does not preclude the ability of the combined transaction, where we will talk about state ownership
"In this case we, the citizens of Belarus have the right to know what we want to select and implement. And what is better? Maybe it’s better to pay for gas than give up some of their own supplies companies? Here power should be fair and open. "
With all this economist sure that Belarus should possible quickly go to the usual European gas prices:
"A cheap gas — a drug for the economy. This is the philosophy of the 1990s, the philosophy of mediocrity. Rather weak if the government does not own programs vkladyvatelnyh has no idea how to get out of this situation, it begins to put on the negotiating part of their own supplies and expect prices will go down. "
"Gazprom", "tie" the gas price for Belarus to Poland, 19.11.2007

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