Official Minsk resolution condemns the Third Committee of the UN

Foreign Ministry official dealer saw that voted for the resolution minority member states of the UN. "This demonstrates the reluctance of the majority of UN member states to participate in clarifying the relationship with our state, that push through some of the country using, among other, and human rights issue, "- said Andrei Popov.
Resolution condemning Belarus violation man was admitted to the Third Committee of the UN. In support of 68 countries voted, 32 opposed, and 76 states abstained. Document, but shall be adopted as gave him more votes than against.
In Belarus guilty delivered disappearance of 3 political opponents of President Lukashenko in 1999 and a journalist in 2000, also pripiranie and closing non-governmental organizations that are independent means mass disk imaging, organizations of national minorities, religious groups, opposition political parties, -independent trade unions and student organizations.
Resolution brought 33 countries, among which the United States, Japan, EU countries.
• The UN condemned Belarus for human rights situation, 21.11.2007

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