Old roads: there first monument Slutsky rebels

Historian Anatoly whitewashed said that the new monument — is a flat arrangement of metal letters. Her height — two and a half meters.
"The monument is a stylized cross Euphrosyne, which coat Pursuit. Rebel hand covers this coat. At the bottom, the words:" Those who are left to breathe, that lived Fatherland. "We have raised this monument to a height of 5 meters. Seen from afar, and all perfectly readable "- said whitewashed.
"I will try to set next to this monument figure figures Slutsk uprising"
In 1920, anti-Bolshevik uprising lasted more than a month — from November 27 to December 31.
Anatoly whitewashed states that it was a struggle for the independence of Belarus against its occupation by Russian troops, and against the then Polish policy against Belarus:
"I still try to set next to this monument about 10 pieces figures Slutsk uprising — Governing uprising. I have at the moment about ninety photo participants in the uprising. Around 10 most outstanding I naturally mail. This should be done."
"Try to keep local authority allowed to establish a monument in Moscow repressed "
First post new monument at the manor of the White Anatolia friends Slutsky public organizing committee for the perpetuation of the 87th anniversary of the uprising.
Outlook public activist Zinaida Tsimoshyk:
"Curiously Me monument particularly impressed. Ibid still padsvet must be. We are here trying to make the inhabitants of this date. Specifically — organize Slutsk inhabitants, so local authority has allowed us to establish a monument to repression. That’s why I went to the snow-white Anatolia to find specific direction of this work. "
Let me remind you also that the museum in an old road — is 5 buildings on two floors, more than five hundred square meters ekspazytsyynay area. In the halls of the 1200 exhibits.
• In the old road has opened a monument to Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 16.10.2007

• Anatoly whitewashed: "Our web site — a unique phenomenon", 09.04.2007

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