Olga Kozulin, Dad did not write the application for a pardon, and I doubt that he would write

"The Tribunal decided. It is independent branch of government. I respect his decision. The only thing I can do is to pardon him. If the convicted person so requests, I will look into his request and after I say, if I loose it, "- said Lukashenko in an interview with the Spanish newspaper" El Pais ".
Olga Kozulin mentioned that in June, along with his mother wrote a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus to reconsider the conclusions of the case of Alexander Kozulin. Relatives and lawyers to This time believes that the investigation unjustifiably accused Alexander Kozulin.
"This opportunity to return the law authorities rejected. Now they say they are, there is only one way — through a pardon. They need to humiliate my father, but he did not such people "- Says Olga Kozulin.
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• Why did the prosecutor’s office does not respond to the complaint in the case of A. Kozulin?, 20.10.2007

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