On the roads of the Texas economy, replacing asphalt with gravel


Texas Department of Transportation announced plans to replace about 80 miles of asphalt roads in the rural gravel road. This is intended to save the state budget funds earmarked for regular maintenance web. Such a decision by the authorities drew sharp criticism from lawyers and local farmers who replace asphalt rubble promises a lot of difficulties. Replacing the cover touches the districts Live Oak, dhimmis, LaSalle and Zavala.

"Paving roads is too expensive, sufficient funding to repave all of them do not. Our only way out to the roads became safer, it is to turn them into gravel "- quoted a representative of the Department of Transport David Glessner Texas Tribune.

In addition to replacing the cover, the agency is going to lower the speed limit on some roads to 30 miles per hour.

Many locals believe, not without reason, that the deliberate deterioration of roads in the state, will reduce the value of their real estate. "I do not believe that the Department of Transportation is going to go back to the Dark Ages" — said 77-year-old Darlene Meyer, who lives in LaSalle County with 60s.


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