On the ruins of the museum shop built I.Buynitskogo

Last year Belarus has visited about 100 thousand foreign tourists. It is almost two times more than in the late 1990s, but painted Belarusian Deputy Prime prospects "by millions of people" very far. With all this must take into account not 80% of foreigners in Belarus — are tourists who on his way to Russia immediately cease overnight. Realistically offer foreign guest Belarusian companies have virtually nothing.
Brand new culture: agrogorodok with a theatrical touch
One of favorite tourist destinations of the province Gluboksky Prazaroki starts with the upcoming move to the FPGA Mosar, Hiermanavičy and other ancient towns. Together with the church and the church tour demonstrate monument to the founder of the Belarusian theater Prof. Ignat Bujnitski. On the contrary — the ruins in which reincarnated unfinished museum besides Bujnitski.
More tourists are not, for that would have to show them as either abandoned or the utterly ruined condition. And this — the classic for Belarusian city buildings of historical and cultural value. The Old House on Central and Polotsk demolished streets, so in their place build a typical house of the future agro. By the way, Main Street leads to Polevachi, where he was born founder of the Belarusian theater Ignat Buynitsky. Museum manager knows Bujnitski Prazarotskay in high school Olga Ginko:
"Prior to this posnosili home that once housed a home for the elderly and disabled. Destroyed the house in which no one lived, but he belonged to an old construction of the XIX century. Posnosili And Jewish homes — where the pharmacy was previously a very fascinating building with purely Jewish traits. Once claimed another Jewish home, as they say we have "at the two ends." Others have not yet touched, because other houses living there to This time families live. And where is destroyed, presently cleared the ground for homes and agro until braked. Well, in principle, there is nothing special and is blowing away. "
Reporter: "And there, where the museum is going to build, work and not moving?"
"This is our" Chinese wall. "Ibid basement tremendous, the horror can happen. To top even what platform do you could get for theatrical amfiteatar prazdnichkom. But with the new status of the agro-town there are going to put the store.’s So .. . "
According Ginko in Prazaroki left eight houses that have at least 100 years, and which can still be saved from destruction. Incidentally, in 1990 Olga Ginko I.Buynitskogo offered to make the museum in one of these houses, where, in contrast to the brick structure, could ‘d love to recreate the atmosphere of the early twentieth century.
Bureaucrats "historical ballast" is not necessary
Ethnographer of the deepest Vladimir Skrabatun states that a situation similar prazarotskay, peculiar and other historic sites: the bureaucrats are not interested in taking "on balance" historical objects that require additional costs:
"Already people are not moving in Prazaroki. Even those poets, writers, actors who gathered there on the anniversary I.Buynitskogo no longer come. Indeed there are already those Prazaroki destroy every year. From that building, I beheld even 10 years ago until summer had only a little. There wasand empty buildings and exciting, and we as a building nobody, it immediately and take down. "
Reporter: "Recently Deputy Prime Kosinets said that since 2010 Belarus will 4 million tourists come. Do you believe? "
"When I’m alone with our bureaucrats talk, they laugh with me: us, they say, is not profitable to do, no money and no one was willing, so it is better to give these monuments to people and let them make out on the brick. So at least some of their usefulness will. Here what they say staff executive committee. And if they are not curious about what I can do, or other? "

Prazaroki — the ancient town, the birthplace of the Belarusian theater. Since the XVI century tycoons known as possessions Kuntsevych, Tukovicha, Khrapovitsky. In the center stands a monument Prazaroki Ignat Buynitskamu, where he is buried. As an attempt to build a new museum building I.Buynitskogo fetus never had, the museum is located in a small room of the local school.

Russian pointer at the monument of Belarusian activist. "Frozen" Museum Bujnitski as "landscape after the battle." Agro preventing old-house "two camps."

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