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The well-known news agency CNBC October 25, 2012 attracted the attention of leading international media to the largest in U.S. history, the claim on money laundering and racketeering, in which the "banksters" and their partners are accused of racketeering ill-gotten proceeds of $ 43 trillion. The lawsuit states that in the case involving officials who are in the highest positions in government and the financial sector. As the Obama administration does not pursue any criminal from the "banksters", and in fact actively takes these same "banksters" money for the campaign of Mr. Obama, a national group of initiating cause plaintiffs homeowner was forced to expand its lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering and intentional violations sanctions against Iran Embargo Act national banks included among the defendants, "banksters".

The list of alleged conspirators included: Attorney General Holder, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, a former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, a former finance minister and one of the banksters Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Vikram Pandit (recently retired chairman of the disgraced Directors of Citigroup), a senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, the former "director of communications" in the Obama administration's Anita Dunn, husband of Anita Dunn and general counsel for the Obama campaign, Robert Bauer, as well as numerous "banksters" and their affiliates and trustees. Collective petition was prepared by the law firm SpireLawGroup, LLP.

Once this information is surprisingly appeared in mainstream news began to unfold very suspicious events. Within a few hours of the original page, which housed the material has been removed, and the senior vice president of CNBC Kevin Krim received the news that his children were killed in very mysterious circumstances. Information and CNBC infanticide Kevin Krim were "hit" of October. Personally, I was waiting for some comments and additional information that would help better understand the essence of the event. However, the "hit" has disappeared from the news reports in 2-3 days. And then the silence was complete.

Killing children

In the prestigious New York nanny suspected of killing two of his pupils — six-year-year-old girl and a boy. The bodies of children and their mentor, which, presumably, she stabbed herself with a knife, found his mother. Babysitting is in critical condition. 

The incident took place in Manhattan luxury apartment on the Upper East Side. Marina Krim left the house to pick up his three-year daughter from the pool. With two other children left their nanny, 50-year-old Jocelyn Ortega. 
When Krim returned home, the apartment was dark. A woman went down to the lobby and found the porter, did not go to the nurse with the children on the street. To which he replied in the negative. Marina then headed back to the apartment and checked all the rooms.

In the bathroom she found slaughtered his son and daughter beside them lay Ortega with wounds on his neck, and a bloody knife. Nanny was unconscious. Neighbors heard screams Krim, called the emergency services. Soon, the police arrested delivered is in critical but stable condition in hospital nurse, the newspaper said, "Look."

According to the local press, Mrs. Krim led a blog about her life with her three children on the Upper East Side. Her family were sufficiently close relationship with the nurse. One time they even went together to visit relatives Ortega in the Dominican Republic.

Police have not yet have data that made the nurse so severely crack down on children. According to "Interfax", the woman is in critical condition and unlikely to survive.

It is noted that Mr. Krim occupies some position of leadership in the CNBC. Previously, he was a senior manager in companies Bloomberg and Yahoo!. The incident shook Manhattan, where nearly every family uses the services of nannies.




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