One day political prisoner Alexander Vasiliev

I happened to be an eyewitness of justreturned to action around the "business-Levanevskogo Vasilyeva" governing national strike committee business, which was not registered. They could, perhaps even unwittingly do not expect to cook a mass rally, which resulted emotions Grodno: "Lukashenko — resign! No — the third term! Freedom!" Valery Levonevsky this could not hear, he already was sitting at the station. Alexander Vassiliev, in contrast, was on Lenin Square and heard everything and beheld with our eyes.
In the lawsuit action May 1, 2004 in Grodno later be called "massive mess", and in the final verdict in the two-year prison term and Vasiliev Levaneusky receive "public humiliation for the president." By the way, before the end of the process, Alexander Vasilyev said Radio Liberty that though what sentence with dignity and accept that "considers it an honor to suffer for freedom and democracy in Belarus." in the colony, when he was asked: "What are you in for?" He replied with humor: "For that tried to undermine the throne … "
"To play back the clock, I would do the same"
Political prisoner is now recognized: the mere fact that he was convicted and was in jail, was nasty, but expected it since when they worked in the midst Levonevsky business and engaged in political activity, it has long been felt by the secret services and the police for a special interest in themselves. If sovereign Vasiliev going the last meeting in the tribunal already realized what must end process because took a shower, haircut, drank coffee last time, regular tea, knowing that in the slammer will need to to forget it.
But now he stands firmly on its own: "I have never regretted what I did, I acted because I gave a hint of conscience. To reverse play, I would have done the same thing. ‘Cause when the authorities had hoped that the shake has beliefs it is in vain. That I have done differently, probably to himself would not have respect. "
Which were difficult moments? Political prisoner recalls when doing a search of the apartment, not all is quiet moved, daughter Eugenia was stress and certain prepyadstviya later. Since suddenly broke strangers took everything — her computer, writing, even blank paper. She was accustomed to: home — a home, but at one point come to some uncle — eight people, all upset, take. "She — a vulnerable person," — says the father. Eugene currently ends university is an attorney, and he admits that it can be difficult if you have to find a job.
"Out in the bullpen include people like bunnies"
After the conclusion of a political prisoner felt the problem with health. Earlier vision was almost "one", came out of the bullpen, just barely passed medical examination for drivers, because one eye was the 0.3 second — 0.4 dyeptryya because he can ride at the moment only in glasses.
Why so? Alexander Vasilyev remembers the 108-cell jail in Grodno in the bullpen, where he stayed for two months. There’s a light in the corner, and the room — 6 of 6 meters. According to the norms laid contain less than 18 people, and when it was on May 30 and more. Political prisoner sees it as torture. Because the law is written on each convict must a 2-square meter, and in fact — one meter or less. At the dacha, he is currently engaged in breeding rabbits, on the 1st adult must 0.7-0.8 square meter. It turns out that in the bullpen include people like bunnies, concludes a political prisoner.
In those criteria that is, a person simply loses health. In the crowded, unsanitary conditions, for example, spread tuberculosis. Come healthy, was released with the disease. Near the political prisoners in the 108th chamber just had tuberculosis. And everything else was not enough air. Imagine, says the Sovereign Vasiliev: "The cell of all the smoke, I could not ban them, I’m one nekurets I’m allergic, I can not breathe. Later made there beastly conditions I lost a part of their own health, came later in the prison clinic …"
"In Belarus in jail trying to humiliate, offend, trample"
After the liberation of Polish colleagues invited him to Bialystok, where he visited the jail and saw there "Europe really, civilization." There are completely different conditions. Only one example: in Bialystok bullpen ordinary human window. Alexander Vassiliev was taken aback: in Grodno all lattice and metal plyastynami additional light from the street misses altogether. Poles they say: have them, too, so it was previously under the communists, but pererablotali. Alexander Vasilyev muses "Belarus in jail trying to humiliate, offend, trample. And there isolate the offender, but to mock him — there is none."
People who are involved in the execution of dissidents in the future should be prosecuted, says political prisoner. "Lustration" — the fair thing. Unrealistic to forget those in jail "extruded" who created the intolerable conditions. Emphasizes political prisoner for all this: in Orsha, in Grodno he met various members of the penitentiary system — one stuck law, others — on the contrary. Surnames these people fixed, said Vassiliev, other prisoners also the same Misha Marynich with which they were sitting together in Orsha …
A day or two political prisoner
A day or two remained in the memory of the political prisoner of those dramatic events. First — when after the trial was thrown into jail in so called Quarantine: the corner mound of garbage stink, no mattresses, nothing. 6 people in the chamber: two to three meters. It was once, of course, a shock. Later looked: on the second tier boy who looked about fifteen or sixteen, blond. Political prisoners and thought that if he holds, if the fate of such means to keep. Felt in a prison facility that the best defense — the hem fist nerves, calm down — come what may.
And second memorable day — this day of liberation, when suddenly called-get ready, brought for the PPC and released. It was in Minsk Kalvaryjskaya. Went to the bus station, went into pancakes, took pancakes and they seemed so savory, delicious them seems nothing in life eaten. First day on the loose, it is also very memorable Alexander Vasiliev.
Slonim, May 15, 2006: Alexander Vasilyev met with Valery Levonevsky, which in this day released.
And something useful out of prison life can recall? Perhaps agrees Vasiliev. Orsha in the library 10 people gathered, discussed various started debating and was very curious, says political prisoner. Many people had read in the slammer, 10 percent — bureaucrats: one hit for a bribe, the second missed something, someone for some shenanigans. But often imprisoned for a trifle, for forty or sixty bucks, with the huge time. "Power says about his own boundless love for the people, but at the same time a thousand people have convicted four times more than in Poland" — sums up Vasiliev.
"I filled in the slammer 59 years"
He himself CONTRIBUTE survive in prison that he was sure of his rightness. "I have no crime, based on the opinion of the law, did not commit. Condemn me for political reasons — says with conviction Vasiliev: Although the interior minister claims that we have no political prisoners, they are. In interviews with prison officers I always read: I morally defeated podlomlen not, and even if I put on the wall — do not give up on their own. bullpen filled me in 59 years, their beliefs, I do not want to change. conviction in May helped to survive in subhuman, I think the criteria. "
But that’s not all. The political prisoner says that grateful Radio Liberty and other journalists for being reminded of the political prisoners. "Since everything is done to silence the truth anywhere in the municipal media these questions not affected. Goes: no political prisoners, no difficulties. After all, how forgotten political prisoners, the authorities razvyazhutstsa hand, they are able to do with them that zahochut, "- said Alexander Vassiliev. — In the meantime, Kozulin, Klimov, Statkevich Dashkevich and others are sitting in jail for their political beliefs, they need support. They justify that not everyone in Belarus cornered that there are people who know that they can suffer, but all the same not afraid to express their worldview. "
Emperor Alexander Kozulin Vasilyev writes, he himself helped letters from friends, purchased at one point, New Year’s greetings from the South American ambassador.
Now Alexander Vasilyev longer businessman, surrendered license. He will soon be 62 years old, with a slight grin, he says, that has been breeding rabbits, summer still grows on stumps mushrooms, oyster mushrooms. Happens from time to time in the homeland — in Penza Russia. It hurt that at the press conference for the provincial Russian press that collects President Lukashenko, was also a journalist from "Penza truth." Being in Penza, he visited the editorial said fellow was sitting in that said what the situation is with entrepreneurship, about the situation in the country. Not without pleasure reads watched on TV last a press conference, and a representative of "Penza truth" does not seem to be.
Political Prisoner very grateful own wife Natalya. If you fell ill, she came to Orsha, bezotstupno ensure that perceived measures. She did not speak to the dreaded jailers: innocent spouse did not povinet and deprive him behind the bars more health! He escalated pancreatitis, suffered severe gastritis, problems began with the pressure. Specifically, due to its aggressiveness he was banished to a prison hospital in the capital, otherwise it would be even more "curled", said Alexander Vassiliev: "Here is my wife done" — adds a political prisoner.

Alexander Vasilyev was born March 18, 1946 in the village Golicyno Penza region Russia. After graduated from military school in Leningrad Artillery Academy, served in missile units of the Army. In the Russian army from 1964 to 1991, he graduated with Asipovichy, Colonel. Twice served in the GDR, was an eyewitness to the destruction of the Berlin wall.
Wife Natalya Vasilyeva — biznesmenka, kids Eugene (23 years) and the offspring of Dmitry (19 year) — students. A daughter from his first marriage Valentine (38 years) — a French citizen, she has two kids.
Tribunal found Alexander Vasilyev guilty of causing public humiliation President Lukashenko related to his prosecution of a serious crime. Immediately, he was found guilty of organizing "group activities that breach public order", and if precisely — organizing an unsanctioned meeting of businessmen on May 1. During this Tribunal proclaimed emperor Vasilyev another 18 months in prison. But as more substantial punishment absorbs the least significant, he was imprisoned for two years.
The prosecution used the text of the May Day leaflets that spread Levaneusky Vasilyev. The leaflet called Grodno come to the May Day rally, it was taken as a poem in which the tribunal found insulting the president.
Political prisoner serving a sentence from 7 September 2004 to July 7, 2005, was released under an amnesty. Also Grodno bullpen, was sitting in Orsha colony N8, and after being in the republican prison clinic — in the colony N1 in Minsk, where he was released.

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