One day political prisoner Levaneuski

Levaneuski look pictures made me in the first hours, when he was freed. Sunny morning was the middle of May, and the pictures came out contrast — so, what struck him most about the world, the first time without gratings and wire stitching. Here they are, those shots: Valery in prison clothes with a smirk on his face.
Follow-up — they hold hands with Alexander Vassiliev, who was convicted together with him, but was released earlier. But they embraced.
Next Levaneusky businessmen that came to meet him at liberty: in a birch forest, the first time in a long time with a mobile phone, read — a true delight!
He was two years in a penal colony for public insult of the president. At the dawn of his colony "Wolf holes" that Ivatsevichy area, was taken to the adjacent Slonim, yet no one has yet managed to come to meet him, and gave way to 25 thousand rubles. He stated that in his hands the means for the first time in two year, and it was also an extraordinary feeling. In the near future — do health, start writing a book, tentative title "Prison Notes", said then political prisoner.
Just came from the 1st world to another
Levaneusky now admits: "I have every day to enter into memory. Naturally, the most colorful event — liberation. When I first time in my life crazy with freedom, I had exactly that feeling. Since I still did not believe, I thought, they can come and say we made a mistake, or — you made some more offense and we will take away. Since such cases have occurred. "
Levaneusky even states that acutely felt when he just got out of the 1st world to another. Freedom was the first strong shocks. He is now even seems that the adaptation was easier when it was planted in jail since he was ready for trouble to provocations, was busy at the physical level. And here marooned among street without handcuffs, without protection and do what you want.
"What is to assist in the bullpen to adapt? — Repeats the first question my last political prisoner, but immediately begins to respond. — Well, of course, books, creativity and faith. And perhaps a sense of humor."
Creative what? Many did not understand why he was stubbornly complaints. And Valery wrote them a huge amount, was that for day two or three. A the fact, opens its own secret Levaneusky that such makarom he fixed facts that were in that day. Since knew diaries anyway destroy, and so it happened. But the content of those days, violations pressure on him — they have remained on paper, as it would send copies of complaints lawyer, home, and now it is possible to return to the action taking place, said Levaneusky.
"In the unlikely event you will sit before the bell"
Ostrovtsov: "Okay, that Valery, now with your stunt about" Prison remarks "?
"The book is written, but was obliged to implement the finished portion without copyright, what can you do — financial difficulties — briefly explained last political prisoner and a little clarified: in some texts that beheld put, find their episodes …"
Levaneusky: "Arrest, tribunal concluded. Currently take it philosophically. Previously, it was naturally a shock. Did not think that the authorities are able to ensure that the expression of views to two years. Got it about a month and a half when the investigator came and offered to sign the papers: that Valery renounces political activities and acknowledges that it is not right. In unlikely event you will sit before the bell, the investigator said. And so it happened.
Thought-thought for what to plant directly, but in the end let down that if I accuse Lukashenka that he travels to Austria for skiing and means I did sin … "
Huge rally Grodno businessmen who raised portraits Lukashenko and began to seek his resignation, he did not see Levaneusky, grabbed him before the start. "Whereupon The strike movement began to decline "- sums now he Levaneusky.
Then he announced a hunger strike to meet with family
What was the most difficult in the conclusion? He replies without hesitation: the separation of families … He asked: do not miss appointments, better give "shyzo" although his feared.
In a situation Levanevskogo could rely on three small and also three times a year for a longish — to 3-days meeting with his family. Three times in a row but he did not have allowed them, and then he announced a hunger strike to meet with the family.
"Those who are friends with the administration, could often expect to get a date or phone calls," — says Levaneusky.
And he was allowed to call only one day, when his father died. Even promised to let the funeral. All documents issued, but to say goodbye to the Pope at the end is not allowed. Spiritual injury remained.
"I have no grudge against the authorities," — at the same time claims last political prisoner. But does clarification: there are certain officials who, in his view, made in respect of its offense.
Levaneusky thinks for a moment and continued, "There is a law, and so he asks that those who oppressed his right answer for it."
For example: the referee that he was tried and later was caught on a bribe.
Levaneusky believes that it is God’s tribunal. But although the referee caught "in the hot", he quit his job and escaped punishment, so Levaneusky wrote a complaint to the Attorney General. He also appealed to the UN Commission on Human Rights.
Affected the whole family
Valery Levonevsky four kids: a daughter and three offspring, except the smallest Anton, all are adults. His wife Marina told me: investigator read to her, "How is your husband so irresponsible to do with such a large family?
I ask now Valeria does not regret he?
Yes, indeed the whole family suffered, he agrees. Wife could not find a decent job, with two degrees, it was difficult for children too. Financially it was hard, and not to friends and acquaintances, it would be even harder.
And as he was sorry or not? Last political prisoner, weighing his words, he continues: "What can you do, it happened, it has already happened, then you can only regret about the future."
Levaneusky concludes: "And I, like many Belarusians are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the future of Belarus, as it is including the future of my family, my kids, and I wish that they lived in this country and live normally. "
We go back to prison life: what he wanted to eat any food lacked behind bars?
It turns out that it is very normal Levonevskiy question, it usually holds a "purely army food." Another thing is that in the colony prisoners love to "save", where they visited? But Levaneusky not silent. As a result, he brought food and reported: now must be 70 grams of stew, were taken from the banks and at the sight put in a dish. "And if there’s no meat — all doskorogo goodbye, there will not — says political prisoner — and they have been denied to fix."
What took the bullpen in the former political prisoner Levonevskiy?
Difficulties appeared when he stood up for the other convicts. But if he was not Levonevsky to not established struggle for the rights of prisoners. And they began to massively write: let the white bread, give the other, as it should be according to the norms.
Two years of imprisonment not pass without any traces. What took the bullpen in the former political prisoner Levonevskiy?
"Forever took the father. Claimed the remaining faith in the legal existence of the country. As previously remained" islands of hope "that in a few places in the country can follow the law. At the moment I just see it says: a machine that breaks down people involved in it.
It’s no secret that there are political prisoners in Belarus, although authorities do not recognize. I hope that my experience defending their rights need those who are sitting at the moment "- says Levaneusky.
"I love him!"
Than now engaged last political prisoner? Sensitive business activities in the main software development, interested, of course, politics. Also trying to grow young entrepreneurs’ movement favorites as interested to Belarus developed and without a competent and intelligent opposition to the development of society will not be convinced Levaneusky.
Undertook to set up a campaign to nominate Alexander Kozulin for the Nobel Peace Prize.
And what the consequences of a prison sentence? He remained in the dark lists: do not give freely go anywhere, "always felt strong legs and eyes homeland" — he admits.
Vorachivayas on that memorable day of liberation for him, we are reminded about another: the first two years, a glass of champagne was obviously for freedom, second toast — for the fact that for their beliefs not put behind bars, but it is faster — as a wish for the future.
Valery Levonevsky points to himself with a broken toy handcuffs, toy prisoners sent him
Wife Valeria Marina then said that she expected to assist him briefly but succinctly: "What can I say? I love him!"

Valery Levonevsky was born in Grodno August 15, 1963. Has unfinished higher education, a businessman. Has free Polish language and little German. Wife — Marina Levonevskaya, four kids, three of whom — daughter Catherine and sons Dimitri and Vladimir enrolled in higher education institutions.
Valery Levonevsky was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, together with Alexander Vassiliev, they ran unregistered National Strike Committee of businessmen in the country. The Tribunal found them guilty of causing public humiliation President Alexander Lukashenko related to his prosecution of a serious crime.
The prosecution used the text of the May Day leaflets, which they spread. The pamphlet was a call to come to the Grodno May Day rally was also taken by a poem in which the investigation revealed Tipo insulting the president. Participants of the rally claimed the resignation of President Lukashenko.
Valery Levonevsky sentence served from 15 May 2004 to 15 May 2006. First he was in the slammer Grodno N1, later Ivatsevichy colony N22, Baranovichi transit in Mogilev N19, in the republican prison clinic.

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