Opposition identifies candidates for election

Co-Chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Vintsuk Vyachorka says that talks on a list of candidates last:
"We need more work to work. On days of we were in Mogilev, where carried out by us, frontovskogo meeting. We discussed these things there. How to reach with one side, efficiency, and on the other — understanding. Well, of course, where all the structures are strong, conspicuous, there will need more time for such awareness. "
Reporter: "After all, there are more applicants?"
"Yes, yes."
Vyachorka states that for 110 seats in three times more applicants:
"This is not a problem with the amount. The problem with the quality at the moment. Trivial There are a number of criteria that the presidium SLM offered — as metadychku as the standard of local structures.
Method must be such that if there is agreement on the ground, well, thank God. If there is no agreement, the coalition structures should offer a mechanism by which a single bidder will be determined.
And, of course, must be determined in values. More fundamentally reach agreement in those precincts where more democratic thought and there are more people of different structures of the democratic forces. "
Deputy Chairman of the unregistered movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko states that the movement will not nominate their own candidates for election to the House of Representatives:
"Why? From the outset, we have stated that we do not have a political party that will do is the same as all the others. And of course, that the movement comes to a lot of representatives of different political parties.
Therefore, we reserve the right for these parties, that they put forward those people, who wish. If it will be representatives of the movement — please. We’re not entirely against the contrary. And if they decide that it is not necessary, it is also their right. "
Viktor Kornienko adds that the movement will again try to officially register. And it will make efforts to ensure fair elections:
"This is all due to the improvement of the situation — the introduction of legislation to improve it, the electoral procedures. Accordingly legislation NGOs have the right nominate their own representatives in election commissions. Here is our main activity. "
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