Or appeal the new sentence Dmitry Dashkevich?

The main news of the week was Tribunal over favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich authorities conducted in Shklou colony. The process was closed, it did not even let his father activist Vyacheslav Dashkevycha.
So it was that on the end precession — fine of 60 basic units — mother of the political prisoner Olga Dashkevich which was house in an old road, found out from a reporter, "Freedom."
"Thank God, I am at the moment will not sleep a night, I will rejoice. Thank you for you for this news."
Let me remind you, Dmitry Dashkevich threatened colony six months in addition to the year and a half, which he received earlier. Now this danger has passed. The reasons for Olga Dashkevich said briefly and with conviction:
"They were afraid."
That’s what the lawyer Alexander Galiyev told about the behavior in court Dmitry Dashkevich and how he reacted to the verdict:

A.Galiev "Dashkevich well acted, also testified and responded to the verdict. Without feelings."

"Everything was exactly are equally. Equal acted too testified and responded to the verdict. Without feelings."
Lawyer Alexander Galiyev not consider victory sentence whereby Dashkevycha still recognized guilty. On the question, the verdict will be appealed, said Alexander Galiyev.
"The decision has not been made. We’re going to meet and talk."
By the way, can appeal the verdict and Shklovskaya prosecutors. Her attitude to the decision that the referee made Tatiana Kashkina not yet clear.
"This is a consequence of step"
Andrei Klimov relatives fear for his health: Andrew core, he sweet diabetes, but the prisoner seized special products. More from Crescent Klimov no information. Mother and wife were sent to the colony in the name Klimova telegram which require urgent to say about health. While there is no answer. Alla Klimova, Mom policy is very worried:
"He is ill, he had a sore heart, he had a cold. Consequences This step, when he was driven into a colony. He wrote about it."
Andrei Klimov associates of UCP require foreign diplomats to intervene, because they can afford the Belarusian authorities meet with Klimov colony to find out his condition. Meanwhile International Federation Human Rights going to make a support committee Andrei Klimov, who will shares solidarity with political prisoner in the world.
Mogilev police continue to investigate the case of Artur Finkevich, threatened imprisonment for violation of the departure of "chemistry." During the investigation activist located in urban remand. "Together with him in the chamber 6 people, no matter what not lamented. Products we passed it," told about the criteria for detention Lyudmila Atakulava seen with Artur Finkevich.
Pabachyvsya Alexander Kozulin his lawyer in the colony. Policy around almost double insulation. 1st — Stitching wire colony. Second — this is what the other prisoners fear contact with Kozulin. There were cases when punished people who spoke with him. "That the pope try to push further," says daughter Olga opposition Kozulin.
Dmitry Dashkevich given penalty: 860 1000000 thousand rubles 9.11.2007 Who is breaking the law in the case of Dashkevich? 06/11/2007 "Unfortunately, in today’s Belarus by almost all developing so called"Strip Stalin" 28.10.2007

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