Organic merge 2-humanitarian spheres unrealistic

Deputy Director of the Belarusian literature Yanka Kupala Teresa Golub took part in the meeting of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Academy, which open a discussion question reorganization of a number of research institutes in the humanities.
"When Mike spoke Myasnikovich, he was very correct. He said that we are not in a hurry it mattersbe hasty, because we can make it so that inspection and will be bad. "Let’s re-weigh which can be do to was more efficient development, "he read.
Open a discussion idea creation humanities center, which will focus in history, literature, linguistics, folklore, and still others. May be two centers. 2nd — sociologists and philosophers. In the center at first throw legally independent and are independent universities. It is for us it would be better, since such makarom each institution would have saved his face.
And there I stood, they listened very closely all my arguments. I said that we really wish to remain an independent institution, "said Teresa-Golub.
A Ph.D. Dr. Valentine Lemtyugovoy from the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Belarus believes that the unification of institutions will not benefit any of the humanities.
"Humanities, at first glance, similar in profile. And yet they are all different in their own scientific practical essence. We have a theme that is developed at the intersection of linguistics and literature at the intersection of linguistics, history, ethnography and folklore. But it did not significantly affect the nature of each of the sciences.
Any science is under a special ground, his inimitable specificity. Specifically on this ground is built entire scientific mechanism are its resources, its scientific and practical potential. Because the union can only be artificial. Organic merging of 2-humanitarian spheres does not happen, "- says Valentina Lemtyugovoy.
Humanities usually receive the least public funding than technical. Hist. recognizable archaeologist Nicholas Kryvaltsevich believes that so called regional science, namely arhealegiya can generate revenues.
"Arhealegiya has in a certain sense and practical value. For example for the development of tourism, as in almost all countries to develop tourism in large part due specifically archeology. Arhealegiya becomes reality enormous social value, if read about its practical role.
Arhealegiya saving many old who inevitably die at the present rapid development of industry and construction. Those who are engaged in the organization of research at the municipal level, I think that we in Belarus just underestimate the importance of the development of modern archeology gumanistyki even underestimate its practical significance, "says archaeologist Nicholas Kryvaltsevich.
By the way, in Belarus there is still a severe problem in a dilemma with the scientific staff. Specifically: repression politically disloyal individuals and even entire scientific organizations. According to doctors of philosophy, doctor Vyacheslav Orgish.
"Only a scientist begin to assert their plainclothes political position, he was immediately followed. Mark sovereign Onishchenko Institute of History of the Academy. Expert advice and later Bureau VAK his doctoral thesis, which is called," overwhelmed. "He, like the emperor Saganovich, considering issues concerning the Russian intervention in the vast majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Saganovich deprived of work, he had to leave and now works well in the Lithuanian Academy. And at home he has no place …
In Lithuania, in general many who sought refuge. For example, the independent Institute satsyyanalna-economic and political research, the European Institute for the Humanities. He sought to prepare the staff, who are guided by the values of contemporary and metadalyagiyu euro life. "
Summing public editor week academician Radim Goretskogo:
"Without science and education of any country, including Belarus, there is no future. How cool said our countryman — Vice-President of Russian Academy Academician Valentin Koptyuga save the people of the land asks verbovaniya largest science. Science — the salvation of the world."

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