Our homeland expresses claims for extra subsidies and benefits to companies

"Now working with Russia, they turning their attention questions subsidies and benefits for our companies. If we continue to maintain the standards will not be the Global Trade Organization, we utter: make and eat themselves, "- said Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at a seminar governing bodies of municipal management.
President of Belarus said Russian side expressed claims due to the fact that the product becomes uncompetitive Russian companies comparable to those of the Belarusian products where companies is municipal support.
Lukashenko said that even if Belarus does not become recently a member of the WTO, all the same "They require us to such a policy which is carried out at."
Lukashenko said, it must act swiftly.
"There is no revival of small and medium-sized cities will not, if we will work because This year. Yes, there is some growth, but it sure is provided for reducing the basket in the other sector, "- said President of Belarus.
Lukashenko also urged more excellent use deshevenky energoelementov dignity and labor for successful competition in the global market.
Lukashenko said that even if wages will increase by half, still in Belarus will Pass more than a cheap labor force.
"God has promoted that the prices of our classic products jumped. If we wish to survive, we have no other way, only the most modern production that could equal umovahkankuravats on the world market", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

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