Our homeland: Gennady Zyuganov does not believe that the votes have been counted correctly

Deputy Executive Director of "Voice" Gregory said Melkanyants Radio Liberty, that his organization has more than 2,000 correspondents within a day or visit the 20 thousand polling stations. By him, information on violations of the electoral legislation goes constantly. Where many sites do not allow the representatives of the mass disk imaging and-independent observers. In Falcon representatives "Voices" and the 1st of the news agencies were not allowed at the polling station — was eventually filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office and opened criminal case.
Melkanyants said that in the Novgorod region near the site of the vehicle stood, from which voters handed out gifts. People in cars introduced themselves as members of the civilian committee "for conscientious elections." On the plot number 406 voters after voting issue evidence that must attributed in the workplace or school.
During voting at polling station № 165 in Moscow, the favorite of the Russian Communists Gennady Zyuganov referred elections "unfair" and said he did not believe that the votes will be counted correctly. According to Zyuganov, parties do not have equal access to the airwaves. He criticized the lack of taksma ballots "against all" and the abolition of low turnout.

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