Our homeland, imposed a moratorium on its role in the Treaty on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe

Gen. Nikolai Cherginets — Chairman of the international affairs and national security of the Council of the Republic, Chairman of the Commission on foreign policy Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus and the Russian Federation — in an interview with "Freedom" on November 8 after the adoption of the bill by the State Duma as the situation has caused:
"Well, this thing of. Her need to be aware. Her own, to be honest, really obdurachil Europe and America, which initiated the adoption of the" Treaty on ordinary weapons in Europe. " I understand Russia as the West failed repeated real advantage in weapons. But that’s their business. We this issue do not consider.
Personally, I think that we get out of the contract — the latest least for the moment — is not necessary. This allows you to maintain an open and transparent dialogue. And hold their own actions and those of other states. "
Belarusian political analyst Andrei Fedorov commented for now our radio Russian President signing of the law:
"I do not think she (Our Fatherland) will be very put pressure on Belarus. Since it will be known, and will cause even more outrage in the West.
At the moment it is not very necessary. I think the part of the Russian Federation is faster public relations thing that is done under the Duma elections.
Why? Essentially no risk that the "Contract of the ordinary Armed Forces in Europe" has not been ratified by the Western countries, no. They its all the same and did not choose their quotas. Our homeland And it knows. Because I believe all this is done campaigning for the electorate. "
Contract on ordinary armed forces "signed in 1990. Nine years later in Istanbul took its upgraded version. He anticipates national and territorial limits to ordinary weapons. Belarus together with Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are included in the list of four states that have ratified the modernized version of the Contract .
NATO countries to Istanbul options This time not ratified. They explain that Russia’s refusal to withdraw its troops from Georgia and Moldova.
• Charhinest: "We have to get out of the contract, at least for the moment, it is not necessary", 08.11.2007

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