Our homeland rapidly move in the direction of Belarus

Drakakhrust: "Why Russian authorities keep such brutal campaign? Seemingly, nothing to worry about, according to the polls will get" One Our homeland "most, and even constitutional. Why did the company conducted as if the enemy near Moscow worth? Emperor Radzikhovsky as You assume "
Radzikhovsky: "You see, now I no longer have to explain to you, and you must explain to us, as we are rapidly moving in the direction of Belarus. You — our teachers on real time.
But it seems to me, that there There are several circumstances. First — purely technological. Under the election created a large machine: the presidential administration, regional administration, the unit "United Russian Federation." Unit receives velizarnyeyagroshy and it simulates violent activities. Meanwhile political field tipped so that creates a virtual enemy and conducted combat simulation.
There is another reason. If you create a silent mode for years in television and radio, but "silly" criterion of democratic elections need at least 5 minutes to open air, then you unwittingly becomes very creepy. If you live in freedom, people are accustomed to criticism of the authorities. But if you years nakachvaetse image of the president and suddenly revealed lye where someone can click — the king is naked, it becomes clear to you very creepy. After that click on the resonance can be very strong. "
Drakakhrust: "The Emperor Naishul, and what is your response to this question: Winning power Tipo then promised, and the company is being solved Tipo matter of life and death? "
Naishul "first cause — automatism state power. If it sets the vertical somewhere upstairs, she would bring it to the last cleaners.
Second reason — the existence of a large prepyadstviya really is the problem of succession. Putin must go s Putin should remain.
And this problem unsolvable. There can be a strong president with a strong Putin. Someone must be feeble.
All this operation goes not only the constitutional framework, and the scope of Russian political culture. And with this scenario due histkastsyu that acts for its implementation are nesuvymyaralnymi. "
Drakakhrust: "The survey commissioned by the our radio Levada Center showed amazing picture: most Russians believe that the elections will not be fair, but again a large part of this relies specifically on the power that such elections and conduct them, and will be selected. As this power is legitimate? Sovereign Radzikhovsky? "
Radzikhovsky: "To the outside world is what’s happening, undermines the legitimacy and credibility of Russian power. With regard to internal legitimacy, it is not in Russia based on election, democratic consciousness in Russia is not. People used that have such a rite, but people do not durachiny, they know the cost of this ritual, but for this reason, do not ask.
In Russia, the legitimacy of government based on the tradition of royal power. Here broken relationship with religion and This is the meaninge legitimacy of a broken. But she remains.
In Tolstoy’s "Anna Karenina," the peasant asked how it relates to the war with the Turks. And he says, "And I think there is a ruler, he obmozgovat us and he obmozguet us and in all things." That’s all. "

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