Our homeland: sovereign democracy against the Marches of Dissent

Both actions were not officially sanctioned. In Moscow on Saturday about 3 thousand marchers gathered Dissent Sakharov Avenue. They held banners "For Russia against Putin", "No — no elections elections." They tried to go to a building in the center of the Central Election Commission.
Clashed with police and riot police. Was arrested one of the control movement "Other Russia", a favorite of the last world chess champion Garry Kasparov. On the same day he was sentenced to five days of administrative arrest on charges of holding an unsanctioned meeting and resisting police.
During a rally in Moscow, Kasparov said:
Kasparov: "It is clear that if this mode is maintained at acceptable long term, it threatens the existence of. Because our viewpoint the main task — is dismantling mode, corrupt, criminal, false, the regime can not solve or even to present issues that now need to open a discussion throughout the state . "
The next day on Sunday, more aggressive acceleration opposition rally was held in St. Petersburg. Participants of the rally — about 500 people — only carried white carnations as a sign of their own peaceful purposes.
Through some time demonstrators joined the people who raised a dark flag with hammer and sickle. Police immediately arrested them, and then started grabbing and other protesters. 10 people were beaten in including and one of the managing SPS Gozman, according to various sources from 100 to 200 people were detained. Middle of the detainees were first and second numbers of federal electoral list ATP — Party Chairman Nikita pure white and Boris Nemtsov. In a short time they were released without being drawn up.
"Washington Post": where are the ruthlessness of the authorities and the population of optimism?
In the following Sunday in Russia held elections to the Municipal Duma. According to recent opinion polls, its composition is not very diverse. By Fund "Public opinion", 63% score "United Russia", 10% — the Communists, the same — the Liberal Democratic Party, called into question — overcoming the barrier of 7% in the party "Fair Russia".
According to polls center named Yuri Levada, overcome barriers in general only two political forces: "United Russia" headed by Putin (67%) and the Communists (10%).
"Washington Post" in this editorial expresses wonder why Russian authorities using such support, so disproportionately use force, as it was last weekend in Moscow and St. Petersburg. "Why this fear of their own people?" — Asks newspaper.
As an illustration of "the mysterious Russian soul" "Washington Post" cites a survey conducted by the Levada Center on request our radio. According to the survey, two-thirds of Russians do not believe that the Duma elections will be free and fair, but more than half of the respondents are optimistic look to the future.
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