Over the past 33 years in the United States are not built a single new nuclear power plant

Not a single permit for the construction of new nuclear power plants has been issued in the United States since 1978. A big impact this has had on the accident, which occurred March 28, 1979, on NPP "Three Mile Island" in Pennsylvania — the largest in the United States and at the time in the world. Because of the serious errors of operators on the second power plant meltdown occurred 53% of the reactor core. Emissions in the atmosphere inert radioactive gases — xenon and iodine (radioactive emissions totaled to 13 million curies) in the river Sukuahana were dropped 185m? low-level radioactive water. Of area affected by radiation, have been evacuated more than one hundred and fifty thousand people. Works to eliminate the consequences of the terrible catastrophe lasted 15 years.

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