P. Sevyarynets for the creation of the Christian Democratic shadow government

The conference began with the singing of the hymn "God Almighty" and pray together. In his speech, Paul Seviarynets stressed that education was the Belarusian Christian Democracy Belarusian response to the Bolshevik coup ninety years ago.
Seviarynets mentioned that assigned to this day Tribunal over Dashkevich, a member of the organizing committee for the restoration of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, moved on November 9.
"And all those who participate in our conference, will be able to come to Škloŭ. Not allowed to tribunal over Dashkevich not only foreigners, not only journalists, but even his parents. Which criteria we live — this fact shows quite clearly.
In general, the Christian way, way Belarusian was always difficult. Now we have to go forward, despite the fact that the regime applies more horror more violence and heresy. And to give a moral responsibility — to do the thing that made free and does currently behind bars Dashkevich. "
Former favorites BCD — Adam Stankevich, Vincent Godlewski, Fabian Abrantovicha Ian Pozniak — for their activities have been victims of communist and fascist regimes.
In Russian history BCD time suppressed. A few days back the submitted documents for registration of a public association Belarusian Christian Democracy, and preparing documents for the registration of the party.
According to Paul Sevyarinets no hope, authorities register them:
"The authorities are afraid of moral candidate. And because at the moment there is a big persecution: the KGB, the police come to the priests, the faithful friends of the organizing committee of the BCD and intimidated them.
BCD meeting dispersed, a member of the organizing committee Dashkevich currently under tribunal, Arthur leaves at the colony. Many people from the organizing committee simply warn — or deprive their church premises, or deprive themselves of their work or study. "
One of the goals of the conference — a perspective. According to Paul Sevyarinets, during its operation zakladutstsa foundations for Christian democratic shadow government.
"After all, we litsezreem his calling to introduce Christian principles into All the Belarusian policies and social activities. While centrally such nominations litsezreem we do not. "
In the conference participated prominent politicians — Statkevich, Stanislav Shushkevich, poet Gennady Buraukin and others.
Statkevich welcomed the conference on behalf of the Belarusian Social-Democracy and the European Coalition:
"We have no other way to preserve their independence — only by integration into the European Alliance, which represents the family of free, independent states."
In his speech, Chairman of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka referred minded Christian Democrats:
"In the current Belarusian politics, including in democratic politics, unfortunately, have any. There sidelines and PR, intrigue and shameful dependence is not always conscientious grantors. God knows that. In This is the meaninge those people who, despite any temptations for the idea, as a standard, must be together. "

During the singing of the hymn "God Almighty"

Poet Gennady Buraukin closely with the Christian Democratic Movement is not connected, but for him it is one of the incarnations belarushchyny
• Brest detained about 40 supporters of the Christian Democrats, 19:08:07
• Paul Seviarynets: "The basis for change — 10’s of thousands of believers that come to traffic and public policy", 11:07:07

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