Paul Craig Roberts: Distraught Washington

In the XXI century, two hundred year propaganda that the American people control their government fell apart completely. Bush and Obama regimes clearly given to understand that the American people can not even influence the government, not to mention his control. For Washington, the people no more than dust in the wind.

Polls show that 65% of the U.S. population against the invasion of Syria. Despite this clear pointer to the popular will, the Obama regime fanning anti-Syrian propaganda to further equip sent to overthrow the secular Syrian government mercenaries and Washington to create a "no-fly zone" over Syria, which would mean, if we take the example of Libya, the attacks on objects Syrian Army Aviation USA and NATO, which will serve as the air force invaded Washington mercenaries, euphemistically called "Syrian rebels."

Some time ago, the U.S. stated that "redline ", which will begin after the U.S. military operation against al-Assad will use Washington mercenaries chemical weapons of mass destruction. Immediately after this statement to anyone with a brain, it became clear that Washington fabricate false intelligence about the use of these weapons Assad. Similarly, the United States through the Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN deliberately lied about weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein.

Remember the image of "mushroom clouds over American cities", created by the National Security Advisor Condi Rice? Then on the agenda of Washington was false propaganda.

This agenda continues today. Washington has concocted false intelligence data, and President Obama (so the author — with a lowercase letter, ca. per.) With a straight face said that Assad has repeatedly used the poison gas sarin, and that 100-150 people "his own people"euphemism for foreign mercenaries, supported by the United States,were killed with weapons of mass destruction.

Think for a minute. Any death in war is regrettable, but is 100-150a "mass destruction"? According to the most understated estimates, sponsored by the U.S. invasion of mercenaries in Syria claimed 93,000 lives, 150 of them is 0.16%.

In other words, 92,850 other deaths "red line" is not crossed. A 150 is said to have crossed.

Yes, I know. The sense in Washington's position is not detected. But when he did there?

But let us think a little more. Assad knows about the "red line" of Washington. It is discussed over and over again to solidify in the minds confused the American public that there is a real, real reason for the attack on Syria. But why Assad to use prohibited weapons to kill the wretched 100-150 rebels, at a time when his army successfully clears the territory of American mercenaries without the use of gas, and when Assad knows that the use of gas means the attack by the armed forces of the United States?

The Russian government has made it unequivocally clear that Assad's accusations Washington unreliable. Versed in the matter in which people would not believe. No doubt, for many American patriots new Washington lies pass for truth, but for the other people in the world — no. Even NATO puppets, calling on Syria to attack, they know that the reason for the attack is a lie. For the countries of NATO puppetsmoneyWashington honesty above, for which many do not pay.

Russian, of course, know that Washington is lying. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said: "The government [Assad] as openly stated opposition succeeds in ground operations. The [Assad] is not pressed against the wall. What is the point for the regime to use chemical weapons, especially in such a small amount? "

Lavrov expressed caution, as Russia's chief diplomat. However, other Russian officials can not afford to refuse to take a more sharply last blatant lie Washington. Yuri Ushakov, Putin's aide, said: "The Americans are trying to provide us with information about how to use the regime (Assad) chemical weapons but, frankly, that we did not set out to look convincing. Now I would not want to draw parallels with the well-known test tube Secretary of State Powell, but the facts provided to us does not look convincing. " Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the State Duma committee for international affairs, said in essence: "Data on the use of chemical weapons Assad fabricated in the same place and the lies about weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein. Obama is on the way George W. Bush. "

Here in America, never hear such a direct assessment of the U.S. zhurnoshlyuh.

Orwellian doublethink has become the language of government in the United States. U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry (so the author — with small letters, ca. per.) Condemned Assad for the damage the "peace negotiations" Done, while the U.S. arm of mercenaries in Syria.

That is the language in which Washington says is clear around the world. Not only Assad, but also Russian, Chinese, Iranians, and all countries puppets of the U.S., including the NATO countries and Japan, is very clear that Washington is once again shamelessly lying. Russian, Chinese, Iranians are trying to avoid a confrontation with Washington since the war with nuclear weapons will destroy all life on the planet Earth. It is striking that, despite the brainwashing zhurnoshlyuhami 24 hours 7 days a week, the vast majority of the American population is opposed to Obama's Wars (so the author — with a lowercase letter, ca. per.) With Syria.

This is good news. This means that Americans develop the ability to think independently, in spite of the lies that feeds them Washington.

Neo-conservatives Nazis regime Bush / Obama (so the author — with small letters, ca. per.), As well as the mass of misinformation clearly showed that Washington is going to promote its policy of world hegemony until the beginning of World War III, which, of course, mean the end of life on Earth.

Russia and China — countries, each of which by itself can destroy the United States — have learned the lesson that the U.S. government is lying, and he can not be trusted. The policy of "no-fly zones" in Libya, which agreed with Russia and China, was the cover of the NATO air strikes on the Libyan army to mercenaries, sponsored by the CIA, were able to achieve success.

Russia and China, having learned a lesson, oppose Washington's attack on Syria, which he calls a "civil war." If Syria falls, Russia and China know that the nextIran.

Iranunderbelly of Russia and China for20% of energy imports. Government of Russia and China know that, after the fall of Iran, these — they are. Other explanation for why Washington surrounds the Russian missile bases and ChinaNavy and the Airno.

Russia and China are preparing for the inevitable, as they see it, the war. Washington's mad rush for world hegemony puts unsuspecting Americans into a confrontation with the two countries with hydrogen bombs, whose combined population is five times the U.S. population. In this conflict, all will die.

It will be a miracle if mankind continues to exist in 2020, given the high degree of madness in Washington. All the excitement about the future shortage of health programs and social security are meaningless. No one will use them.

Addendum: If the information in the article is accurate RT, it is obvious that the ignorant and vicious inhabitants of Washington, in the District of Columbia, leading to the third planetWorld War II:

Appendix: Russia says it will not allow the "no-fly zone" over Syria:

Appendix: Washington once again demonstrates that the house is the most stupid people on

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