Paul Seviarynets permit stamp for traveling abroad

Paul addressed Seviarynets second time for permission to leave first of November. When submitting documents, the Department of Citizenship and movement Pershamajski district Vitebsk had read about Seviarynets malaveragodnasts obtain permission stamp.
But on November 19 evening mom policy Seviarynets Tatiana said that the resolution will be. And November 20 stamp for traveling abroad Paul Seviarynets set.
The first state to go politician will U.S. America. From 1 to 9 December as part of the Belarusian delegation Democratic Forces Paul Seviarynets visit Washington.
Paul did not rule out that it may appear at the intersection prepyadstviya boundaries due to the presence so called "Dark lists."
Paul was sentenced to Seviarynets two years restrictions on freedom — in Minsk Tribunal found him guilty in the organization 2004 rally protest results of the referendum, which has permitted Alexander Lukashenko to run for the third time to the presidency. With the "chemistry" Paul Sevyarinets released in May for four months earlier than had completed the sentence.
• Seviarynets not put in the passport stamped for going abroad, 10.09.2007

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